The Sinking City Trailer Showcases Investigation Mechanics

The Sinking City Trailer Showcases Investigation Mechanics

Richard Walker

The Sinking City will be out in June, so to showcase how the game's investigation mechanics will work, Bigben and Sherlock developer Frogwares have released a new 'A Delicate Matter' trailer, revealing a portion of a mission set a few hours into the game.

Playing as Detective Charles Reed, in this early mission you'll meet with the head of one of the leading families in Oakmont, Mr. Throgmorthon. Tasked with looking into the mysterious disappearance of someone receiving stolen art following the closing of its sale, Reed will need to get the valuable item back for Throgmorthon, which predictably will be far more complex than it first appears.

You'll need to question witnesses throughout the town of Oakmont, and logically unravel the mystery to get to the bottom of what happened. Check out 12-minutes of The Sinking City gameplay below, ahead of the game's release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 27th June.

Pre-orders for The Sinking City are also now live, with the digital Necronomicon Edition granting access to the 'Worshippers of the Necromonicon' three-quest pack and 'Investigator Pack' DLC.

  • This game has gotten my attention
  • i enjoyed the sherlock games, this looks to have a bit more action, could be decent
  • This game was to launch May 14th, but they pushed it back to June 27, as to not have as much competition. I laugh @ this. Their competition on May 14 was 2 be Rage 2 & A Plague Tale: Innocence. Their competition on June 27th is to be Samurai Shodown & F1 2019. I don't see much of a difference. none of those releases are going to affect their sales. It's not like they are a AAA title going against another AAA title. They are a Niche' title that is going to get bought by those that like that type of game.....period (And yes, I have it pre-ordered)
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