GRID is Shaping Up to Be a Triumphant Comeback For Codies Best Racing Series - Gameplay

GRID is Shaping Up to Be a Triumphant Comeback For Codies' Best Racing Series - Gameplay

Richard Walker

Ever since Race Driver: GRID first burst onto the scene eleven years ago, the series has spawned only two full sequels, as Codemasters shifted its focus instead to its DiRT and F1 series. And while those are both excellent racing games, we still have a soft spot for GRID, and have been craving a new one since 2014's GRID Autosport.

We're obviously quite excited at the prospect of the new GRID, then, especially as it marks a long-awaited comeback for the extreme street racer and its debut on current-gen consoles. It's hard to believe that there hasn't yet been a GRID game on Xbox One or PS4, and this looks set to be exactly what we're looking for.

Featuring intense wheel-to-wheel competition, inevitable crashes, and heated rivalries, GRID looks to be back with a vengeance. Taking in the world's most famous cities across four continents, and a final showdown with veteran race driver Fernando Alonso, this looks poised to be the best GRID yet when it launches on 13th September.

Check out some new gameplay footage below to see GRID in action.

  • Absolutely loved Race Driver GRID! But after that thing they called GRID 2.. i'll wait for a demo/beta/trial orsomething.. ain't making that mistake again!
  • @1 I agree with you. The 1st game was amazing but the 2nd was an awful game
  • I loved the original too, I'll never forget my co-driver crashing out of first place at Le Mans, going sideways into the tire wall and taking the second place man with him... The way the game played was like a great, proper coop racer (just with an AI driver) and without the inevitable 13yo idiot screaming at his mum for another hour of game time... Lol I never played #2 or the others, so I hope this is a return or similar to the original. :)
  • welcome news...Forza needs some competition on xbox one.
  • did the first GRID have a demo derby portion? if it did I played that for hours lol when I was a kid
  • @1 I agree @5 Yes it did :)
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