Mass Effect Updated to 1200!

Alan Pettit

Finally! ...but only 1200? Man, these companies need to just use all their allotted points. What with Fallout 3 ending at 1550, EndWar at 1220, BioShock and Lost Odyssey at 1100 and now this will supposedly be the final Mass Effect content at only 1200. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting. But alas, I digress.

The actual announcement of what this content would be was delayed back in June. But one of the most surefire notices of impending DLC is an updated achievement list, so here we are. It appears that like the first DLC, there will be one main mission, but as they previously reported, the content will be set in a gambling/casino/fight club, which is apparently called "Pinnacle Station" and will feature various combat scenarios.

Perhaps these new achievements will come with an announcement soon. Or better yet, the content itself. Check back here at x360a and we'll surely post again when we know more.


Undisputed 50
Complete Ahern's survival mission

New Sheriff in Town 50
Take first place in any combat scenario on Pinnacle Station

Best of the Best 50
Take first place in 12 combat scenarios on Pinnacle Station

  • Nice. Pity I just got 1050 a few weeks back.
  • sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  • how long has the game been out for now?
  • Fantastic!, i knew about this casino style DLC for a long time but i was beginning to think it would never release, i really think they should have gone to 1250 though.
  • I'll definately be getting this. I love me some Mass Effect.
  • sickkkkkk
  • bout damn time!!!!
  • FOR FUCK SAKE!!! I pollished this off AGES ago, and have since sold the game and deleted my save. Oh, well, good job its my favourite game on 360 :)
  • woop woop
  • I was just thinking this morning what ever happened to the Mas Effect dlc....speak of the devil and he may appear haha
  • Hehe, so the Mass Effect-DLC-"Myth" is finally coming true. I'm actually playing this game at the moment (1010/1050)... Well, obviously there will be more work to do! ;-)
  • woop, this game is epic.
  • Not first! Er, that aside, I do wonder why bring out content for an older game now?
  • @9 why would you delete your save?! Unless you don't plan on playing ME2, thats insane!!
  • I literally finished this game (1050/1050), and then this news pops up. Well, at least I didn't delete my save.
  • #1 Fails
  • EDIT "finished this game (1050/1050) yesterday"
  • @15 I second that.
  • OMg ive been waitn 4 this 4 ages..... I'm so excited LOL. Was hoping for more then 3 achievements hopefully they take abit of time to get though.
  • Sweet! Finally just started playing Mass Effect and absolutely loving it! They definitely could have put the achievements up a little higher, like right up to 1750. And they wouldn't have even had to add more achievements. Make them worth 300, 100, and 300 instead of 50 each. My GamerScore would love Bioware forever.
  • I don't think fallout has finished with it's DLC I think there will be more to come
  • Best game ever ;D
  • I have held on to this game just for more DLC. Hope to hear the date soon.
  • @22, Bethesda have officially announced they are done with Fallout 3, they are making no more DLC.
  • I wonder if they'll be giving this away for free. They should considering the game only costs $15.00 now. And Fallout three is done for achievements. More content might come out but they won't include achievements. The game of the year edition comes out in a couple months.
  • Finally the DLC will be forthcoming and we get to play something fresh, at least fresh for those of us who had finished the game some time ago.
  • @25 to be fair they said broken steel was the last as well
  • So when is the DLC out ?
  • I wonder if this will help at all with the sidekick achievements.
  • I don't care if it's taken ages. Any excuse to play Mass Effect again is fine by me!!
  • WHEN!?!?!
  • About time. I'd have like seen a few more points but the DLC will hopefully tide me over until ME2 hits.
  • i just hope they are smart about the pricing and make it 400 pts or less just like Bring Down the Sky was. It is a shame though that our gamerscores don't recognize whether or not we have the DLC and adjust accordingly, that way it would stay 1050/1050 and not become 1050/1200 just because they add content.
  • nice i wanna see some video now
  • WOO!! Looks like I know what I'm going to be playing again soon.
  • Kick ass cant wait. I have to go dust off my copy it been awhile. I hope its worth the wait.
  • Just saw this game at Target for $13 and some change. Might have to go back and pick it up.
  • Still planning on finishing this off sometime soon. At least those 3 new achievements look incredibly easy to get.
  • About time, I need an excuse to get back into this game! :D
  • Hell. Yes.
  • Lame. The combat in Mass Effect is pure, unadulterated broken shit, and they expect us to pay money for an expansion that's nothing but generic "combat scenarios"?
  • I have been waiting for a reason to go back and play this game. One of the best in recent history
  • i was just about to start up a new game and get back into this like last week. great news. i cant wait for this.
  • Finally, only two achievemetns I was missing until now were the Level 50 and 60 ones, once this cioems out they'll sure provide enough combat to get me there
  • Huzzah! I've been working on my Mass Effect character and achievements. Hopefully that Summer of Arcade rebate will cover this...
  • oh yes i cnt wait 4 this but i need 2 get live
  • I'm a bit disapointed that we're getting such a smaller lump of gamerscore considering this is the last of the ME1 DLC... but if it's priced at 400 points I won't feel so bad.
  • Very nice, but tainted thanks to 1/4 of my Mass Effect achievements glitching. >_>
  • A 540ms price tag wouldn't be too bad. 800ms would be too pricey. But still, I absolutely love Mass Effect. Can't wait for the 2nd, and this DLC should be a nice holdover until then.
  • Halo Wars is what you forgot.
  • Sweet about time they put out NEW content. I read way back that Mass Effect was suppost to be a Nine part series. I think that means DLC and Games to come. Can't wait for the NEW DLC need to get the last 40 pts for this game.
  • Good, I have poor hope, that it will be free.
  • Nice, too bad the Xbox is being sent in today for repairs :[
  • i wonder why they waited so late for this one. still sounds pretty good though. hope it's free.
  • YES! Although now I'll need more MSP's cuz I just spent the last I had on Shadow Complex which was a great buy.
  • Is such small amounts of content really worth it after like 2years of waiting? They should be getting the new game out sooner rather than faffing about with this!
  • Lolwut.
  • I was hoping that this was going to release quite a bit earlier.
  • Can't wait! Mass effect rules!
  • ok
  • Could be good. Bioware seem to like these combat arena missions. I'm sure they were in KOTOR and Jade Empire.
  • When is this DLC released?
  • finished this game months ago (1050) but love it so ill definitely be getting this
  • FINALLY!!!!
  • Don't talk about fight club.
  • 1 of the best RPG's this gen, hands down! Can't wait!
  • So annoying when developers don't use all the allotted gamer score
  • This would have been awesome last year, and the last DLC blew donkey dong. So I think I'll pass.
  • FML someone stole my mass effect game i want [email protected]@
  • Despite how late this is coming out, I'll buy it. I love this game, and any excuse to play it is a good one. I still need to get, well, most of the Achievements from the first one, so I'll be playing this fairly often in the coming months.
  • Hrk! Good news indeed, but you have no idea how pissed off I was to load the achievement list today as I went in to complete my last achievements for 1,050/1,050 and find three more achievements that weren't there yesterday! :p
  • "@22, Bethesda have officially announced they are done with Fallout 3, they are making no more DLC." Like hell they are. If they don't get at least Broken Steel to the PS3, I'm going to go ape shit on them. I demand my retcon for what could possibly be one of the worst endings in video game history.
  • Finally. Can't wait for this to come out.
  • b-b-b-ballin!
  • when does this come out?
  • Never played it :)
  • Sweet! I'll be getting the DLC, pretty much whatever it is.
  • Cool maybe it'll get me to play through the game again too.
  • Too bad i haven't got the game anymore.
  • I got 1050 earlier this spring so now it is time to get the full 1200, whenever this pack comes out.
  • Just in time for me to do my 3rd and final run through.
  • I just wonder what the price would be, 400 like for BDTS would be great:D
  • More importantly, this DLC is supposed to bridge the gap between ME1 and ME2.
  • mass effet is a no good piece of shit of a game!!!! the other hand i'm anxious about Dragon Age: Origins!!!
  • Been meaning to go back for another playthrough, I'll have to get to that when this comes out.
  • Excellent. Cannot wait for this.
  • Oh boy just what we need more DLC of just pure talking
  • This made my day! I hope it's 400 points, but I think it will cost 800. Mass Effect is one of my favorite games!
  • argh gotta get the box back online for this one. i don't understand why people are griping about DLC coming out this late into a game's lifecycle. isn't it a good thing to prolong an awesome game? are you really that mad that you have to go pay $12 to get the game back and play some badass new content that lays the foundation of the sequel? i don't get it. quash the complaints and just don't effing play it if you're that chincy with your pennies.
  • ok well I am going to have to quickly get to my goal of 90K, then finish off Mass Effect so that I can enjoy this new DLC
  • Great news; I liked Mass Effect quite a bit. I'll be making a new save to do this DLC on soon enough.
  • booyah i'll have to lend the game off my mate
  • Need to pick this up again got rid of it a few months back and regretted it maybe with this I'll get round to getting it again and it'll help me get that last combat level I need =D
  • #9 why you delete your save for Mass Affect when you need it for the second moron........
  • Finally. Glad I never sold my copy. I'll probably end up keeping it. Just like the Halo series and Knights of the Old Republic. One of those "never-sell" games. As for the achievements, at least it's better than the measly 50 points and 1 achievement that came with Bring Down The Sky. I just hope that if it's a "fight club" kind of thing, it's a nice long DLC. If there's anything I hate, it's 1 hour DLC that I payed 800 points for.
  • actually let me rephrashe that you don't need it, but it would have transfered to the second game
  • I'll get this. I love me some Mass Effect. I'd love it if this game went up to 1750, but I'll take this 150 point upgrade. I just hope they make this one 400 points again rather than 800. I'll get it either way, I'd just prefer to get it cheaper. Also, a lot of people with N7 gamerpics ion this thread. I love it though.
  • Finally... After one year whit out playing Mass Effect know I can come back to my favorite universe and kick some ass.
  • I've been needing a good reason to get back into Mass Effect, and this is perfect!
  • only 150, poor bioware i feel sorry for you guys.
  • Yes! I've been waiting for this! I love Mass Effect! Now the DLC just has to come out!
  • The first game I finished on the 360, and one of the best games ever. I'm glad I have the habit of keeping save games, even when I don't keep the game itself. Weirdly enough, I even kept the game! Happy-happy joy-joy!
  • It really pays of not to sell my games. Ever. Hurrah!
  • #99, why did you use "affect" in the wrong tense? Don't call other people morons before you correct your own mistakes.
  • this is crap no point in wasting money on this as it's a last effort to suck your money up before the release of ME2 since they took so long to release another dlc i lost interest. hopefully ME2 will be better all around as the first isn't as great as a lot of people paint it out to be
  • I loved this game and i also got a little time ago all the achievements. It will be nice to return to the game
  • Its like Resi Evil 5 really, that game has only been updated to 1200 with the multiplayer DLC, but that games only been out 6 months. Mass Effect is 2 years old in November although it is nice to know that they didn't leave it on 1050 it would have been nice to have the full round-up of 1250.
  • If this doesn't get me the Asari Ally achievement that I fucked up trying to get I think I'm gonna cry.
  • on a 2nd note didn't 1000 this game but got to admit it's got to be one of the best games i ever played although after so long it did start to feel very samey samey. but i am really looking forward to ME2 ;)
  • my only hope is that the price is right. yet it will always be wrong
  • Survival Mission? It's just gonna be a horde mode or some mini game. So lame.
  • Awesome, and it's about freakin' time!!!!
  • I peed myself, I've been waiting so long for this, yaaaay!!
  • Finally, some more DLC. It's about goddamn time.
  • Now. . . . . .we just need to wait *twiches* I swear for one mission they better not charge the full 800. . . .I mean bring down the sky was fun. . . but. . . errr. . . ya. . .
  • Cool I just started working on this game again the past couple weeks, got almost everything now. First time I played through it I thought it wasn't that great of a game, but now I think its almost on par with OOT. Can't wait for this and two and all the other heavenly stuff out this fall.
  • Maybe this will help people to start keeping the games they like a bit longer instead of selling them a few weeks after buying them. I've held onto my copy since release because it is such an awesome game. Kudos for new content. One mission tho... meh, I'll get it, but it better be epic. Bring Down the Sky was meh, hope this is better. New armor or weapons as reward for finishing would make it worthwile. ANd to the people that deleted thier save.... hahaha FAIL. Have fun with Mass Effect 2 at level 1.
  • This better be very cheap or its a no go for me
  • @ 123 (Midnight Malice) Ha, you sir are the one who fails. Bioware have confirmed that levels don't carry over with saves - only the choices you make. So I guess we will all have fun with Mass Effect 2 on level 1
  • @ 125 (ElliotRobinson) No he didn't "fail", Bioware said they had bonus for imported character.
  • Another 400msp DLC would be nice ... but I'd buy it at 800. Mass Effect is amazing.
  • YES YES YES. This should rule! I can't wait for this!
  • It's about time...
  • nearly 3 years later and im still playing this game, just finished mentioned dlc on insanity and daaaam that survival mission has never beeen so much fun!
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