Borderlands 3 Moze Gameplay Rescuing Ice-T the Teddy Bear on Eden-6

Borderlands 3 Moze Gameplay: Rescuing Ice-T the Teddy Bear on Eden-6

Richard Walker

Borderlands 3 is almost upon us, but if your appetite for the looter shooter's long-awaited return hasn't quite been whet enough just yet, then we've got another dose of gameplay for your viewing pleasure. This time, it's some co-op action, in which we take Moze the Gunner for a spin.

Armed with her fully-loaded mech Iron Bear, Moze is the latest soldier class, following in the footsteps of Roland and Axton with the ultimate turret - a moving one that you can stomp around in. This particular mission we got our hands-on, you might have seen floating around the internet - it's the one in which you have to help out an AI named Balex, trapped inside a fluffy pink teddy bear, voiced by hip-hop star and actor Ice-T.

Set upon the overgrown swamp planet of Eden-6, it's a jungle out there, inhabited by scuttling Ratchlings (rodent-insect hybrid creatures), Jabbers (marauding monkey beasts) and other hostile nasties all awaiting the business end of a big gun. This being Borderlands, bullet-riddled chaos ensues, as does off-the-wall weirdness.

Check out our Eden-6 gameplay below for a look at Moze the Gunner and Ice-T the teddy bear, then ready yourself for Borderlands 3's launch on 13th September for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can watch our previous gameplay video featuring FL4K the Beastmaster here.

  • This looks sick
  • Struggling to decide on my class for BDl3. Always loved playing as siren for the team heal and elements. Siren doesn't looks as good in BDl3 from what I've seen and these other classes look really good. This could be the first time I don't choose the siren.
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