Borderlands 3 Interview We Had to Bring Our A Game For the Moment-to-Moment Weapon Handling

Borderlands 3 Interview: We Had to Bring Our 'A' Game For the Moment-to-Moment Weapon Handling

Richard Walker

It's been repeated ad infinitum that Borderlands hasn't had a mainline entry in seven years, so clearly, expectations are high for Borderlands 3. And as the game counts down to its September launch, we sat down with Gearbox to talk about the series' long-awaited comeback.

Chatting with Borderlands' Managing Producer of Development Chris Brock, we asked all manner of questions about the game's guns, locations new and old, the inception of Borderlands 3's new cast of Vault Hunters, how Gearbox's work on Battleborn influenced the new game, and more besides.

There's details on how 4-player duelling will work, quality-of-life improvements Gearbox made for the game, how modernised movement mechanics changed everything, and a bunch of other stuff. You can find out loads more about Borderlands 3 in our interview video below.

Borderlands 3 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 13th September 2019. Check out our latest gameplay footage here.

  • You should have brought your"A game" on every game...but you haven't now, Randy....
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