Tony Hawk: Ride Behind the Scenes Trailer

Dan Webb

Tony Hawk's skateboarding franchise is set to make its return to next generation consoles this year after a 2 year hiatus. After the disappointing Proving Ground, the Tony Hawk team needed to step it up, but instead, have come back from a totally different angle. Interesting, but will it prove successful? We'll see this coming November. In the meantime, see what a bunch of young pros who are in the game think. They're not bias, honest.

Check back later in the week for our opinions on the title from this year's GamesCom.

  • The game doesn't look that real. I think skate still looks more real.
  • skate looks realer, the last good tony hawk was underground, after that its been down hill rubbish
  • I'll be getting this because I love skateboarding and am content on getting 1000G on all skateboarding games on the Xbox 360. I however watched this being played live at E3 and it looked terrible, the way you move on the board is not like it's done in real life and Sheckler and Rodriguez only say so because they are being paid to say it. Fingers crossed it will be good, I'm just not looking forward to spending £100 or so for it.
  • Bring out a damn bmx game already I can't believe there's not one on the machine yet, what the hell...
  • I'm gonna get it. Every1 compares this to skate when really haven't u all got 1250 on skate 2 so may as well give this a try until skate 3 comes out?
  • #6 yeah and a Surfing game! i've had 2 resort back to kelly slater surfing (original Xbox game)
  • I agree with a BMX game, would love that. Wouldn't say no to Surfing either or any other Extreme Sport game. @#7 Skate isn't just a little bit better than Tony Hawk's, it's a lot better. I recommend people to stick with skate for fun than try going for the hard achievements that Tony Hawk's games provide.
  • This is going to be an ultimate bust. Just a novelty attempt to cash in on "new technology", but people will fail to enjoy this. The reviews will be terrible I'm sure.
  • Tony Hawks games went seriously down hill after Underground 1.
  • This would be more appealing if no this isn't appealing. And frankly, I've had it with peripheral-based games. I want the Rock Band 2 software, but aside from that, I have all the instruments and peripheral games I need. I am NOT looking forward to Natal, that's for sure.
  • i would like to get this just as long as you dont HAVE to use the peripheal.
  • @#13 - You have to use the board. I just watched some more footage of the game in action, you can see how the guy is doing tricks he doesn't mean to do and really had little idea what's going on.
  • I haven't played a Tony Hawk game since Underground 2, but I'm looking forward to see how this one goes. And to all of you saying this game sucks, let me know when and where you actually played it. Yep...that's what I thought.
  • It will suck. After EA brought Skate out it sent Tony Hawks to the gutter. Baerly any actual skateboarding fans will get Tony Hawks because they like skate a lot better. This new Tony Hawks will suck, and it will fail miserably
  • Those graphics look bad, the board looks hard to use, and it really doesn't look as realistic as they all said. It's a pass
  • if its cheep ill get it just for the sake of it but as it has a board i doubt that will be the case. i agree with most people that the TH games started to go downhill after THUG and im starting to think that i will have to try the skate games.
  • You know they'll find a way to charge $100+ for this even if they have to pack in some worthless action figure and "special making of DVD" or whatever other generic filler.
  • im pretty sure this game isnt goin to be completely lame...granted ill wait till a friend buys it to try it out:)
  • so, Tony Hawk says "the most virtually real game that WE'VE ever done." Setting the bar pretty low there isn't he?
  • Give the game a chance...God. And why did the series go downhill after THUG? People just say the games suck but give no valid reason? I liked the series up to Project 8 which was my favourite Tony Hawk game. And yes, although I don't like BMXing or Surfing they should make games out of them as I enjoyed Agressive Inline (Xbox Inline-skating game) and know nothing about Inline-skating
  • I disagree with it going downhill after underground, american wasteland was the last good one, I would be the ride if it was a lot cheaper
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