FIFA 10 Demo Coming Early September

Dan Webb

EA today announced that their FIFA 10 demo will be heading to the Xbox Live Marketplace on September 10th in Europe and September 17th in North America.

The demo will allow players to take control of the following teams in exhibition matches; Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Marseille, and Chicago Fire (MLS). For the first time in FIFA demo history as well, players will be able to upload created in-game videos to EA Football World.

Can't wait till then? Check back later on in the week to check out our FIFA 10 thoughts from GamesCom.
  • sweet i cant wait
  • sickk, i probs aint gonna get fifa 10, seeing as I already have fifa 09, and theres other games id rather get coming out around the same like like Cod MW2 and AC2
  • Great news.
  • Awesome =D Barcelona and Chelsea i will probz play as alot
  • Woo Looking forward to fifa 10
  • Cute ^_^ ill add it to my 2009 have to get list. even though its Fifa 10... well... you get the point.
  • Fifa is without doubt the best game to play with mates and a few beers cannot wait to get this
  • Anyone know when FIFA 11 is coming out??
  • @#8 im assuming 2010 ;]
  • im skeptical, although i do like fifa, i prefer Pro Evo despite their poor recent form. It's gonna be close this year between PES and FIFA.
  • woo! cant wait!
  • @10 ~ I hope Pro returns to it's previous form but I honestly can't see it improving too much on last year's game, meaning I'll end up with Fifa again this year. Even though 09 was the first time in yonks I've preferred Fifa to PES and unfortunately I can't see it changing based on what I've heard about the new versions of each game.
  • #8 fifa 10 aint out yet...
  • Finally :D
  • So many good games coming out this year in time for christmas; this is a good time for gamers.
  • Back of the net, get in!!
  • I decided to skip out on all sports games except FIFA 10 this year. So bye to Madden and NBA 2K10 unfortunatly...
  • Can't wait! I'll add that to my must buy list for the next few months!
  • The premier league has already started and the game isn't out yet -_-
  • i already new all of this but its still amazing to see, pre=ordered for just 31.19 :D cannot wait gonna be immense
  • Can't wait for fifa 10 :D even though you'll have to pay for the season updates again :S still a game to buy!
  • man, i think it's sort of funny when news is considered the release date for a demo. Demo's shouldn't really need to be anticipated, just released whenever. Can't wait for this game to come out, because it's gonna lower the price of 09 so then i'll get that >.< lol
  • Ye I cant wait but i need to.
  • no real madrid? really?
  • seriously @11 it was sarcasm!
  • @ # 19 FIFA represents pretty much every league in the world, many of which haven't started yet, plus the transfer window is still open. Patience young padawan... Sweet, now all I need is a Pro Evo 2010 demo as well (which Konami traditionally bestow us with). I've got a feeling the competition this year is going to be really close. My head says FIFA, my heart says Pro Evo, they both have some really nice improvements this year so I guess I win either way!
  • @ 28 My Head says PES and my heart says PES always. Im a PES fanboy but FIFA was decent last year.... But come on no Real Madrid in the demo :(
  • Fifa 10 is released 2nd of october and ea website actually had the countdown to the demo since the first day of gamescom... Anyway this game is more important to me than anything else coming out this year and thats saying ALOT... Aslong as the demos good anyway because all the changes may see fifa doing a gears and i dont want both my favourite games of all time being ruined in consecutive years...
  • wicked, i cant wait
  • i know this is in fifa but its not cod anymore. just mw2 @2
  • some good game demos for september
  • cant wait 4 this game massive fan of '09,plz dont fuck it up EA
  • I needs me some soccer. I still get into Fifa 09 on a weekly basis. And I'll go ahead and apologize for calling it soccer. I'm a savage.
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