Bully 2 Reportedly Canned After 18 Months Development

Bully 2 Reportedly Canned After 18 Months Development

Ben Borthwick

It may be bad news if you were expecting word on the long rumoured Bully sequel, as reports this weekend emerged that seem to indicate development never really got off the ground.

According to sources talking to Video Games Chronicle, a sequel was indeed in development at Rockstar New England, with the team working for more than a year on the project. Rockstar's co-founder Dan Houser even purportedly had written a script as early as 2008.

In this initial script, it's said, Jimmy would have started the game at his step-dad's house during the summer before a new school year. However, another corrobating source told VGC that they never managed to decide where the story would go from there.

Rockstar New England apparently worked on the project after wrapping up on the original Red Dead Redemption in 2010, through until 2013 spending between "a year and eighteen months building out the concept" - even getting so far as to a playable build in the RAGE engine that's powered several Rockstar games since GTA 4. However, it's said that momentum "fizzled out" on the project, and the team were moved on to other projects within the studio.

At the time of writing, Rockstar have declined to comment on the report - and though it's been suggested that work could be picked up again in the future, the sources were not able to confirm if the game is in active development at this time. So it seems for now, Bully 2 remains but a hope and a dream while Rockstar's focus remains on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto Online.

[via Video Games Chronicle]

  • probably couldn't figure out how to make it online and stuff it full of microtransactions.
  • Can you imagine the press reaction to this!?
  • Loved the first Bully. Real shame if a sequel never materialises.
  • @1 That's exactly what it was. Same reason we don't have a new Splinter Cell after all these years.
  • They realised it's been over 12 months since the last Assassins Creed game. They need those resources to make the next one.
  • Just realised my mistake, meant to say GTA Online DLC. Either way my point is valid. Rockstar is garbage now and so is Ubisoft.
  • @1 You stole the words right out of my mouth. You want Bully 2 folks? Stop playing the shitty GTA and RDR online. Stop buying useless microtransactions.
  • Terrible news for all us SP gamers. The industry is cancerous and they only care about the monetisation of games rather than making a good game, releasing it in a solid state and then relying on it being good to make money. @1 and @7 are completely right and we all need to stop paying money for games not up to scratch. By the sounds of it Ghost Recon is an utter mess, RDR Online needs content they dont want to provide, Doom Eternal will be ruined and the list can go on forever. List of games that will never happen because they cant ruin them will monetisation:- Bully 2 Splinter Cell Max Payne Mass Effect Rainbow Six SP Any DLCs for GTA or RDR Homefront (a proper sequel) and on and on and on
  • @9 They can definitely do it with Mass Effect. They scrapped the original Dragon Age 4 to make a live service model(aka Destiny), which is definitely something that can be monetised after the purchase. Mass Effect could be turned into such a model, and I fully expect that
  • Complete trash. They'd rather piss away their time and resources finding more worthless shit to charge people for in GTA online than make quality games. The state of the industry with these greedy AAA corporations is disgusting. Screw letting developers make quality single player games. Make copy and paste trash multiplayer games riddled with more microtransactions than a prostitute has STDs. And the stupid masses eat it up and allow it to continue. It's a damn shame.
  • OF COURSE! In my opinion, their best game ever and they can the sequel and keep pumping out content for RDR2O. SUPER disappointed!! >:/
  • @9 & @10: But, mass effect was ruined by monetisation. Andromeda's multiplayer servers are online solely for people to buy Unlock Packs in the store.
  • @13: I sort of meant the first 2 games tbh. I know 3 had MTs for the MP aswell. The fact they gave options in the achievements to either play MP or SP was what saved that from being slated entirely.
  • Buy new X-ray Scanner, so you can peek inside loot boxes before opening them...
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