Fortnites The End Event Sees Game Go Dark

Fortnite's 'The End' Event Sees Game Go Dark

Ben Borthwick

Fortnite has ended it's tenth season with a literal bang that has seen the game go offline and all social accounts go 'dark' as rumours seem to point to a "Chapter 2" for the popular battle royale game.

Trying to log into the game at the time of writing (10am UK time on Monday 14th October) will only show you a black hole as seen above - an end of season 10 event saw a series of missles and a meteor hit the map before it collapsed into a singularity at around 7pm UK time last night. Since then, all of Fortnite's social channels - Twitch, Mixer, Twitter and even the game's Trello board have been deleted and replaced with either a blank image or the above black hole.

Since then, the official Fortnite livestream has been showing the black hole as players anxiously await what's next. A series of numbers - and the ability to play Fortnite's Vidcurry minigame when inputting the Konami code - are the main confirmed things so far.

However, a few days before the event - a piece of interesting artwork was accidentally leaked onto the Italian iOS store, that seems to indicate that the next stage of Fortnite will be called Chapter Two and will feature an entirely new map.

Of course, Epic are keeping quiet for the moment, so there's no word yet on what we'll find out what's on the other side of this blackout or indeed when it ends - although official console Twitter support accounts are reassuring players that all their inventory items and V Bucks are safe during the blackout. For now, it seems we'll all just have to wait and watch to see what happens next. 

[Additional reporting via Eurogamer]

  • Anybody who honestly believed they would stop the greatest F2P cash cow is completely insane.
  • @1 I’m sure only naive children believe that. This is is an interesting marketing stunt, to say the least. Don’t think I’ve seen/heard of anything like this before. For me though, a new map is far far too late. This should have been done a year ago. And until they introduce a mode with no building then I’m done with the game. I know building was always an aspect of the game and requires skill to get good with. But all it is now is turboautist build spamming if someone even hears a gunshot
  • Seems like a way of making the game even more attictive to me. Telling someone that they can't have something or taking drugs away from an addict is only going to make them want it more. Toxic in my opinion.
  • Oh no, what will all the little kids who pee Thier pants play?
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