Skateboarding Sim Session Delayed On Xbox One

Skateboarding Sim Session Delayed On Xbox One

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Crea-ture Studios has revealed that their skateboarding game Session won’t be arriving on Xbox One until late November or early December.

Crea-ture Studios posted the announcement on Facebook, stating that “unfortunately, at this point, we need still need more time to port Session to Xbox One. That being said, we must postpone the Xbox One version release date to late November/early December.

“We know this sucks and we totally understand as we know you have been waiting to play the game on console for a while now. We know it’s not great news to hear, but it’s not particularly fun to announce either, especially for a small studio like ours.

“It is never easy to make such decisions as we know it can have an impact on several levels, so these decisions are never taken lightly.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you will stick around for the Xbox One release!”

The game, which was originally announced to be coming to Xbox Game Preview in October, has been talked about as a spiritual successor to EA’s popular Skate series. Session was successfully kickstarted in 2017, and was shown off at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2018. 

Session is available to play now on PC, and will be launching on Xbox One as part of the Xbox Game Preview program in late November or early December. A full release is expected in 2020 on both Xbox One and PC.

  • Hope it lands sometime this year.. and with a few controller options.
  • Take your time. I'm just glad its still coming.
  • Honestly its better to get it on stream because you can import different maps
  • I hope they are fixing the controls. I got to play a demo and in ten minutes I could barely manage an ollie and wiped out with every trick attempt.
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