WWE 2K20 Comes Under Fire For Multitude of Bugs & Glitches

WWE 2K20 Comes Under Fire For Multitude of Bugs & Glitches

Ben Borthwick

Grapple fans have not been best pleased with the launch of WWE2K20 this week, as a myriad of horrific bugs and glitches in the release version of the game have caused the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 to trend worldwide on Twitter.

Bizzare glitches among those listed in an ongoing thread collected by fans on the game's Reddit include but not limited to objects clipping oddly through opponents and the ring, horrific graphical glitches resulting in grotesque abominations in character customisation and during main gameplay and straight up crashes are just some of the issues that have been plaguing the title, with several fans reporting that Sony are even going as far as to issue refunds to some people who were not happy with the state of the game.

The issues were not just resigned to glitches either, with some fans finding their Smackdown 20th Anniversary Special Editions - which were supposed to come with signed pictures of veteran WWE Superstars - were missing their signatures, with one of the stars in question - Adam 'Edge' Copeland - even offering to correct the signature to those effected by this issue himself. 

Significantly, this year's entry was the first year the game has been developed solely by 2K studio Visual Concepts, with 2K announcing back in August that long-time WWE developers Yuke's had parted ways with the WWE series. 

In spite of the game being out since Tuesday, neither 2K nor the official WWE Games account have issued an official response to the trend at the time of writing. It's looking likely it's going to go down as one of the worst WWE game launches in recent memory. For now, fans will have to wait and hope a fair few patches will be issued in due course.

  • *insert joke of comparison between this game and WCW/TNA here*
  • WcW mayhem was playtested better
  • The WCW games were great
  • I enjoy the wwe games every year, even with the minimal changes year in. But yes, this has got to be one of the messiest releases. I don't like the changes to the controls, the story/myplayer is annoying in terms of difficulty & the constant super cena of the AI, even when dead, the clipping is horrendous, the character models aren't the best. Can't fault the lip sync of the models. 2k have messed 20 up badly this year. Kind of explains why 2k was silent for so long, the departure of Yukes, and the advertising of preordering to get the fiend, only for players to have to wait for the bump in the night dlc which is free for preordering. 2k needs to do something to fix 20, or 2k21 will be left alone by the playerbase in defiance. Side note- 2/3 of the forgotten sons has been left out of the roster.
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