EAs Star Wars Battlefront Series Has Sold Over 33 Million Copies

EA's Star Wars Battlefront Series Has Sold Over 33 Million Copies

Richard Walker

EA has confirmed that both of its Star Wars Battlefront games have proved enormously successful, combining to shift more than 33 million copies. During its first quarter, the first Star Wars Battlefront managed to sell 13 million copies, while Star Wars Battlefront II was slightly less successful out of the gate, selling 9 million units within its first three months, despite being dogged by controversy surrounding its loot boxes.

Star Wars Battlefront II has since cut loot boxes from the game, in favour of a selection of microtransactions that are proving remarkably lucrative for EA, performing above the publisher's expectations, GameSpot reports. With both games selling a combined total of 33 million, evidently EA's Star Wars Battlefront has continued to do well, although the company's profits are slightly undercut by having to pay Disney and Lucasfilm licensing fees.

EA will no doubt be pinning its hopes on Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to rack up similarly healthy sales numbers when it launches on 15th November for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with the company expecting the game to sell 6-8 million copies within its first quarter. Could EA also be rustling up a Star Wars Battlefront III to capitalise on the first two games' success? It's entirely possible, although nothing's been announced as yet.

That said, EA did recently state that a Star Wars Battlefront III is currently "on ice" as desire for a third instalment doesn't appear to be there. Perhaps these recent sales numbers might change EA's plans, however.

  • I still fire up the first game once and while. Second still feels too grindy to progress.
  • They weren't bad games, just got overshadowed by EA's politics and bad policies.
  • @2 yep. I like playing Battlefront 2 with my brothers. I like that we can now spawn together. The games are fun and look amazing. The game is still on my pile to play currently. I want to check out the clone commando.
  • Great games. Second was even better. Fuck the haters.
  • @1 I thought you only played the 2005 version? That's all you EVER talked about in other articles on these games.
  • 33 million copies. How many of those were bought at the $5 price point they both got to super quickly?
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