Bleeding Edge is Bleeding Cool  12 Minutes of Chaotic Gameplay

Bleeding Edge is Bleeding Cool – 12 Minutes of Chaotic Gameplay

Richard Walker

I'll admit, when Bleeding Edge was first announced during E3 2019, my knee-jerk response was that it's not the sort of thing I want from Ninja Theory. For years, the UK-based studio has carved out a reputation as purveyors of great narratives married to tight, frenetic combat, and Bleeding Edge clearly has the combat, but where's the story?

Looking closer at Bleeding Edge, and having the chance to go hands-on, it's more than evident that this is a 4v4 brawler with its own merits. Offbeat characters, chaotic PvP melee-based gameplay, an eye-catching art style – this actually looks rather interesting.

It looks like Anarchy Reigns or Power Stone! Check out our gameplay video below for a closer look at Bleeding Edge, due to hit Xbox One (and Xbox Game Pass) and Windows PC on 24th March 2020, with cross-play support.

  • Looks terrible
  • Kinda impressed how such a small team made this game and to be honest, and like most, I was sceptical when I heard about this game but it does look kinda cool. Cool enough that I'm willing to at least try it. Might turn out to be pretty good if the performance is there and combat is balanced well. I'm confident in Ninja Theory's combat coding but we'll see if they can make an online game as good as they can a single-player game. Probably more interested in hearing what their next single-player game is though.
  • I would have said, "Bleeding Edge is Bloody cool", but it's all good.
  • But yeah, I'm not even remotely interested in it.
  • I am much more interested in this game now.
  • When’s the beta start? Seeing as it allows predownload already for a game that doesn’t launch for 6 months
  • I'm a bit on the fence about Bleeding Edge, but it's gonna launch on gamepass so I don't see any reason not to try it out.
  • Hope it does well for them, but I'm not feeling this game at all.
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