GamesCom 2009: Tony Hawk: Ride Show Floor Footage

Dan Webb

Tony Hawk's Ride is coming out this November - well in the UK, US and Germany it is - and chances are by now you'll be more than aware of the Wii balance board-esque peripheral. Everything we've seen so far from it is... unconvincing. Yes, I think that's a fair word. Well we managed to snap some footage of it from the show floor last week at GamesCom, so you can judge for yourself.

Still, we're unconvinced. Nice looking peripheral though.

  • looks ok not sure if its a buy tho
  • very meh!
  • I've always wanted a skateboarding/snowboarding game like this, with the board and all. I'll have to try it first though.
  • While I'll commend them for trying something new, my major problem with this is that it's virtually skill-less. Being a skater in my teens, i use to have a truckless deck that i'd practice doing kickflips / heelflips on in the front room, all this game is, is that exact same thing, apart from the skill of needing the to actually do the tricks is taken out, i honestly think it will be harder and more skillful pulling off tricks in skate than it will be on this board after you've got use to it. IMO anyway that's why it won't appeal to actual skaters, which is presume is a reasonable proportion of the skating videogame market, the rest I'm guessing will be parents buying it for their kids, and at 100 quid here in the UK, i can't see it doing that well with the other games coming out around th
  • im seeing all this news but wheres AC2 where they at gamescom? grear game btw always loved tony hawk games
  • around the same time *
  • @#6 - Didn't see anything new of Assassin's Creed 2 at GamesCom, so got nothing to report there. Got a ton of previews coming for some pretty big games in the coming days though.
  • maybe they should just ditch ride, and sell half-ass ports of old thps on xbla. they'd probably sell better
  • THPS was good back in the day, but now they suck the Tony Hawk games got better every year (Except Proving Ground) and hopefully this boosts the series as a real contender against Skate. Doesn't look to promising there but still should be a fun thing to play
  • Looks absolutely terrible. They bring the skateboard peripheral to make the game more realistic, but look at the gameplay!? Ridiculously high airs, breaking through walls?? What a joke...
  • I always wondered why THPS didn't just take the "ridiculously crazy tricks" theme and roll with it. That's what made it fun in the first place.
  • I will wait until I see some reviews before I make a decision, it'll probably be much better the second time around.
  • Doesn't look very good. It is just a linear closed course with the only plus side being the innovation in the board. Wait for second or third attempts at this.
  • Tony Hawk is finally coming back with a game worth playing. Skate 3 is going to have to do something marvelous and not just add ramps like skate 2. Skate 2 sucks compared to 1 but Tony Hawk is going to make both look like wimps.
  • @Jediphfor i hear you. Let skate be realistic skate-simulator. In thps let me string togetehr a million tricks to get a zillion point combo. while dressed as spiderman. this jsut looks like downhill jam for the wii. :'( R.I.P. tony hawk chacnes are CEOs are gonna have a lok at the sales figures of this game and falsely (?) conclude that people dont want any more hawk games. id love another game. just not type of game.
  • I might get this, it looks pretty cool.
  • I agree the game is gonna be an EPIC fail. Loved the THPS games one the old school ps1 and 2 but this game has got me wondering "what was I thinking"
  • looks like you just stand around watching a guy roll down a hill for £80 or however there gonna charge you to realise ea skate was the end for poor tony
  • this is like that wii downhill game where you don't do anything but go downhill.. doesn't look like the great tony hawks of the past.
  • It's a good job I don't want this peripherfailing 'game', cos it's insanely expensive here in the UK! I am loling at the fact that some of the earlier TH games are in like the top 25 games of all time on metacritic... Wonder how this will do? :D
  • Err... you gotta turn away from your TV to revert? No thanks. Keep your overpriced shit out of my video gaming.
  • @15 "Skate 3 is going to have to do something marvelous and not just add ramps like skate 2. Skate 2 sucks compared to 1" Yeah, it's not like Skate 2 almost doubled the amount of tricks you can do compared to the first or anything, not to mention a far superior replay system (even if it's DLC) and the greater online modes. When was the last good THPS game? #2 or 4? Not even Underground saved the series. This will flop harder than Daikatana.
  • They seem to be doing the same movement everytime, just pulling off different tricks. Looks rubbish.
  • @23 Actually, Tony Hawk's Underground was a good game. So was THUG 2. I haven't played the newer Tony Hawk'ses but I'm sure they were decent too. Nothing phenomenal haven't happened in the Xbox 360 Tony Hawk'ses though.
  • Is anyone else wondering if Activision intends to have a unique peripheral for every game they release?
  • Looks better than I expected, but, it's still crap compared to Skate.
  • looks so crap i cant beleive there even gonna put this on the shelves!!
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