Project Resistance Gameplay Resident Evil Goes Multiplayer... Again

Project Resistance Gameplay: Resident Evil Goes Multiplayer... Again

Richard Walker

Resident Evil has had, shall we say, mixed fortunes with multiplayer. While the Outbreak games are remembered fondly, 2016's Umbrella Corps was a bona fide stinker. You can hardly be blamed for looking at Project Resistance with more than a little trepidation.

Operation Raccoon City didn't exactly fare much better, but Project Resistance is looking to buck the trend, serving up an asymmetrical multiplayer experience in which four survivors (each with their own ability) go up against a player-controlled Mastermind.

Thing is, the Mastermind is able to unleash and control zombies, lickers, and other nasties, all from the safety of a locked room where he or she can watch the team of survivors trying to scramble their way out of a deadly rat's maze. We recently went hands on with Project Resistance, and found it to be, well, interesting...

Check out Project Resistance in our gameplay below.

  • i real hate 3rd person games that have you way off to one side of the screen instead of just a little offset from center.
  • I have to disagree with Resero. To me, this looks like a miss. I, like many others, want Outbreak File#3 and I don't recall many 4vs1 games as being successful. Reconstruct Raccoon City for the majority (or in its entirety, if possible) with some interiors and make about a dozen escape scenarios for 4 players in it and the game would be a hit for me.
  • Agree with Thief, I want outbreak #3 hell even a remaster of 1&2 not bothered for this Project resistance
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