We Happy Fews Final DLC We All Fall Down is Out Now

We Happy Few's Final DLC, 'We All Fall Down', is Out Now

Richard Walker

The last DLC for We Happy Few, titled 'We All Fall Down', is out now, serving up the "explosive finale" to the game, following previous expansions, Lightbearer and They Came from Below. We All Fall Down sees Victoria Byng wielding her whip and electrifying dart gun, as she comes to terms with the dark reality hidden by psychedelic drug, Joy.

On a mission to save the people of Wellington Wells from the evils of Joy, while ridding the town of starvation and addiction, Victoria must wrestle with her own withdrawal symptoms, while fighting off the Bobbies and exposing the government's lies to reveal the horrible truth behind Wellington Wells' oppressed society.

Skulking across the rooftops to keep a low profile, Victoria is able to engage in close combat using her whip, and stealthily dispatch foes using the dart gun. During all of this, there's no time to stop to eat, sleep or craft, as the twisted world falls apart around you.

To coincide with the release of We Happy Few's We All Fall Down, Compulsion Games has also released a teaser for a behind the scenes documentary exploring the studio's journey from its origins to its acquisition by Microsoft. Titled 'The Cost of Joy', the full Compulsion Games documentary is due to premiere on 19th December.

We Happy Few: We All Fall Down is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, priced $7.99/£7.19, and is also available with the Season Pass for $19.99/£19.99.

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