Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is in Japan Talking to Studios and Publishers

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is in Japan Talking to Studios and Publishers

Matt Lorrigan

Phil Spencer is in Japan right now, talking to developers and publishers "about 2020 and beyond".

Speaking on Twitter, Phil Spencer said "Great to be back in Japan with the team talking and listening to amazing studios and publishers about 2020 and beyond. Really strong energy and excitement here about gaming's future".

It has been well documented that Xbox has been snapping up game developers and studios in preparation for the launch of Series X, with Xbox One having had a perceived lack of exclusive titles, and it could be that Spencer is out in Japan to make some deals. Xbox has historically struggled in Japan, with Nintendo and PlayStation dominating, but a few big exclusive games from classic Japanese developers could help Xbox gain a foothold in the region.

Strangely, Nintendo head Doug Bowser is also in Japan at the moment. I'm sure that this is just coincidence, but it'd be nice to think that they might meet up for a drink, or an underground street fight, or something.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, one of the first games to be announced from the newly branded Xbox Game Studios, is coming to Xbox Series X sometime in the future.

[via VideoGamer]

  • Great news! More JRPGs please. Also I dont think Bowser being there at the same time is coincidence given Nintendo and Microsofts um... “friendship”
  • More Japanese games are what I want most on this system. I'm getting more and more to the point they're the only games I enjoy playing anymore. More JRPGs, anime games, etc. If we get more of these on the Series X, I'll be a very happy gamer. :)
  • That sucks. We don't need Japanese games, I'd rather want good games instead.
  • This is [hopefully] great news, would love to see more japanese games make their way over to us. Was really surprised when we got the announcement last year that 3 of the Yakuza games were getting ported to us [and the "Story so far" collection of kingdom hearts games.] Now, getting new properties would be great, but what would really be a good idea [if this is viable, I'm no coder myself] would be for microsoft to create their own studio specifically tasked with porting games from other systems, and translating from other languages. That way they could take on the burden of the extra work themselves and be able to make much more enticing offers to Japanese [and other] developers. This could work both for getting properties onto the system in the first place, and for getting titles that are already on the system but region locked into the english stores [they could just do the minimum of english subtitle DLC.]
  • @3 Dat narcissism. Just because you don't like a genre, doesn't mean they are bad.
  • The rest of Yakuza please!
  • Yery good, also, please talk to Hideo Kojima
  • Hopefully the Phil meister talks them to releasing Japanese games digitally. Because it's better than nothing. We never get Japanese games due to cost on devs end. Digital is cost effective and easier to do. Hopefully they pass on the saving to us too. Not have 'em $60 digital only games.
  • @7 i'd rather he didn't lol, death Stranding is a steaming pile.
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