Disintegration Gameplay Check Out the ShooterRTS Hybrid From Halos Co-Creator

Disintegration Gameplay: Check Out the Shooter/RTS Hybrid From Halo's Co-Creator

Richard Walker

Coming from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, Disintegration is an interesting hybrid of first-person shooter and RTS, and while that's been done before, this is a wholly different beast. You lord it over the battlefield from the high vantage point of your gliding, highly manoeuvrable gravcycle, which we refer to as a hover bike thingy in our new gameplay video.

From the seat of said gravcycle, you command a squad of troops, and your chosen class - of which there are seven to choose from in the Technical Beta - determines the type of gravcycle you pilot and its weaponry, as well as the unique abilities of your minions. There are quite a few elements to take into account, and tactics are every bit as vital as aiming your guns properly and shooting the things.

We've been playing a lot of the Disintegration Technical Beta, which opens to all players from 31st January to 1st February, and a jolly good time we've had too. You can check out some fresh gameplay from the beta below, showcasing the Retrieval and Control modes, as well as a general overview of what Lehto calls the "spiritual successor" to Halo.

  • Of they say so. If this is the spiritual successor color me interested.
  • Couldnt ever find a match
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