Turn-Based Tactical RPG 'Tears of Avia' Hits Xbox One This Summer

Turn-Based Tactical RPG 'Tears of Avia' Hits Xbox One This Summer

Richard Walker

PQube and developer CooCooSqueaky have announced that turn-based tactical RPG Tears of Avia will be heading to Xbox One this summer. Enabling you to assemble a party of fellow adventurers, Tears of Avia features a combat-based skill tree and a vast world to explore.

Set in a hand-illustrated realm known as Estera, Tears of Avia takes in a range of locations, from murky woods to vibrant towns, and forgotten tombs that can be raided for treasure. You'll be able to scale the vertiginous Tower of the Ancients and brave the harsh lands of Arralash as you and your allies search for the lost city of Avalon and a "long lost love".

Your choices and actions will shape the narrative of the game too, impacting the route you take on your journey. The game will also allow you to customise your playstyle across five characters classes with unique abilities, with more than 100 skills to chain into combos during combat.

Tears of Avia will be coming to Xbox One and PC in summer 2020. Check out the new trailer below.


  • You love to see it!
  • Awesome news. Been needing something like since finishing the Banner Saga series. (BRING ME SURVIVAL IN BS3 STOIC!!!) Anyways, this looks fun. Can't wait.
  • This looks fantastic. Definitely buying this. :D
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