Microsoft Unveils Some of its September Schedule

Dan Webb

Microsoft today announced its plans for September as far as Games on Demand, Deal of the Week and Avatar clothes go. You'll also notice that Fable 2's first downloadable chapter is coming towards the end of the month, so if you've not played it yet, give it a try. What's the worst that could happen?

The details are as follows:

Take Your Avatar Back to School Shopping…

Hit up the Avatar Marketplace for cool new styles and killer flashbacks. Can’t wait until October 27 to get in the driver’s seat with “Forza Motorsport 3?” Starting September 24th, deck your Avatar out in authentic racing apparel from the game. Have your avatar rock-out in neon and fringe with original styles from the 80’s Modern collection starting September 10th, or prove that you’re a digital tastemaker with the latest from Urban Culture on September 17th. Give your Avatar all-new styles just in time for back-to-school!

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week Ends Summer with a Value-priced Bang!

September will also bring four new weeks of value with the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week. Get your hands on some of the best that Xbox LIVE Arcade has to offer, with deep discounts on “Lode Runner,” available September 14th and “Pinball FX,” available September 21st. The month rounds out with the biggest hit singles at the lowest prices, with 50% discounts on the top 10 downloadable songs from “Guitar Hero World Tour.” From new puzzles to Grammy winners, the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week delivers more for less, exclusively for Xbox LIVE Gold members.

Hit Up Some Old Favorites with Games on Demand

This month, conquer new worlds and familiar territory with a stellar Games on Demand lineup.

September 8: “Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution” (2K Games):
Legendary game designer Sid Meier already brought you the greatest strategy game of all time to Xbox 360! Now, through Games on Demand, Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution challenges you to lead your chosen nation from the dawn of man to the space age on your quest to rule the world. Go head to head with history's greatest leaders as you wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known. Available in the U.S, Canada and Germany.

September 15: “FIFA Street 3” (Electronic Arts): FIFA Street 3 brings you the flair, style and attitude of street football (or soccer, depending on your lingo) like never before. Play as your heroes in unique street environments and show what you can do with the ball at your feet! Available in the U.S, Europe and Asia.

September 22: “Shaun White Snowboarding” (Ubisoft):
Get ready to experience the ride of your life. Conquer extreme peak conditions, create your own paths in the back country or compete with other riders in the terrain parks. The choice is always yours. Ride in a world where your friends are always around. Do your own runs on mountains populated by other gamers on Xbox LIVE, or join them for a quick session, its guaranteed fun anytime, all the time. Available in the U.S, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

September 29: “Fable II: Game Episodes” (Microsoft Game Studios): For those who have watched from the outside, unsure if they were hero material, a surprise awaits. Fable II: Game Episodes delivers the entire Fable II experience in five consecutive installments, with all the Achievements, challenges, and excitement of the disk-based game. Best of all, we’re bringing you the first episode completely free! Experience childhood and the trials of being a young adult in the world of Albion. After completing the chapter, you have the choice to then purchase the next installment and continue your adventure, fully compatible with both Game Add-ons, “Knothole Island” and “See the Future.” Available worldwide except Japan and Korea.

  • Looks good.
  • Like the last deals of the week, but the next couple game son demand look weak except for Fable
  • I'm not sure I understand the fable like DLC for us who already have fable or is it fable 2 just in pieces I'm confused...
  • Is fable...REALLY THAT good??
  • Meh cool.
  • @#3 - It's Fable 2 broken into 5 chapters basically. Try before you buy.
  • #6 Seems pointless to purchase a game I already own or does it have extra stuff in it or just the same game on the disc?
  • DoTW for Crackdown DLC!!! Where is it?
  • everything seems good, but I still think the avatar market place is ridiculous, anyway, uncle Bill needs more green paper.
  • free first part of fable sounds really fun! But if it does hook me i'd probably buy the disc and not download it all :S
  • Nothin that interests me
  • No Avatar Awards, huh?
  • I smell something Lame!!!
  • Ooh, Civilization 4. Might get that if I have some points later on. Love that game myself. But where's my Test Drive Unlimited?
  • fable 2 is the only ting i'm downloading
  • So if the first chapter is free for Fable, then does this mean someone can get the achievements for that chapter or is it just a trail?
  • I wonder how the Fable 2 episode achievements will work, like if you beat the disk based game, could you earn all the cheeves a second time?
  • so these fable 2 episode thingys are just an excuse to charge people 1600 ms points for each episode. So a game you can buy for $20 will now cost you $80-$100 because you're too lazy to go to best buy or whatever
  • civ eh? good
  • i wonder when doom 2 is gunna be released :/
  • Looks pretty cool i think. Beside a couple of games but cant wait
  • @ #7 its for people that don't have the game who want to try it out... not for people that already own the disk version.
  • the guitar hero deal looks pretty weak to me, 50% off of the songs everyone already has?
  • How about 50% off Death Magnetic? Considering it's like $18 and I already have the album. Uncle Bill indeed.
  • @4 it's a matter of opinion but no, i think it's absolute, short, unfinished, garbage. in any case, the only thing that i really see interesting is lode runner, the games on demand thing is overpriced, everyone and their mother knows you can get a cheaper used disc based copy from gamestop, ebay, etc. :(
  • Fable 2 is trying out the sales method that has worked for countless drug dealers before them: The first one's free, the rest will cost ya!
  • i agree with #25 the Death Magnetic album was a little too much and they didnt let you buy the songs separately, i would only have played like 3 songs :3
  • I was really hoping for a 50% off The Maw :o( I'm not really into lode runner or pinball and I'll never pay for GH DLC ever again, my foo/no doubt tracks from GH3 can't work in anything else so I'm stuck playing GH3 instead of buying new games. Nice job activision. (turds)
  • Games on Demand are too expensive in Sweden, but I might look into Lode Runner now that it's getting a discount.
  • Wait... So Deal of the week is ending for good?
  • Pinball FX is the only thing on here that interests me. And #31, It doesn't sound like they are ending the DotW, this is just the last deals of the summer.
  • i dont like how games on demand are available by $ it should be available with MS points. because i dont have a credit card i never want a credit card and it dont take normal bank cards. also i am sue there are alot of ppl who also dont have credit cards
  • @33 Debit cards work too. Provided they have the Visa logo etc.
  • Games on demand is a massive dissapointment. You should be able to buy them with ms points plus its too expensive. Mos of the games on it are cheaper to buy in the shops and you get a manual.
  • @33 You can buy Games on Demand with microdoft points, there should be an option for it when you go to buy a game Still, nothing special as usual. This Fable 2 thing sounds pointless tbh.
  • @33 mine is visa debit and it didnt work when i tried to buy MS points on live and it didnt accept it. @35 yh really expensive if they lowered price to 1200 MS points as they old games they might get more sales
  • @33 Here in the UK debit cards don't work just credit. Games on demand are for clueless retards. Fable 2 chapters are for clueless retards
  • @38 - The funny thing is that you can guarantee that alot of people are buying them. So even if us smart people don't buy them it doesn't matter because M$ still get away with ripping people off.
  • doesnt sound like there will be any Marvel Ult. Alliance 2 clothing :(
  • The DotW's are the best thing here, but of course I already knew about them, except the GH songs! ;)
  • All crap to me =) The deal of the week most of the time is something you already have (those songs didn't get into any top 10 by itself) and the games on demand are way more expensive than their equivalents on disc...
  • Nothing too exciting, except I'll give that first Fable II episode a shot.
  • Only appealing thing would be the forza 3 avatar stuff if it is good stuff that is!! cant wait for forza 3
  • No Trials HD on Deal of the Week? :(
  • /me doesn't understand how this Fable thing will work. I know that Lionshead is double dipping with this "release," but can I double dip on achievements? Glad that the first episode is free at least - will be able to find out firsthand if it works.
  • give it a miss...all the games on demand are over priced so would just buy them on if i wanted them and avatar clothes...why would you want them ? most of the time you play games on xbox not sit at the dashbpard looking at a avatar....unless your sad that is
  • Niiice.
  • Want 100% FREE Stuff From Amazon? I myself have earned over $300 by using this website. You can even play games to win points!
  • @7, Ever think it's being released for someone other than yourself? It's clearly for people who haven't bought the game.
  • @49 someone delete this
  • Fifa Street 2. Excellent game, own it on xbox which works on the 360. Fifa Street 3 however took about 10 steps back from FS2's awesomeness. Epic fail. Nobody even think about buying it unless you want a relatively easy 1250.
  • This whole Fable 2 episodes sounded cool, had they incorporated the DLC with it. Now it just sounds crap
  • When are they going to announce what games have Avatar awards? I'm not paying for Avatar crap, that's insane.
  • I still can't believe I missed the price drop for Knothole Glade. And then this shit. Goddamn it Lionhead.
  • @38 You can buy points and stuff with a debit card in the UK like points online.
  • weak. Make saints row 2 dlc deal of the week pleassseee=)
  • Everything is lame since the update.
  • Facebook and Twitter nowhere to be found yet?
  • Keep them coming Microsoft and we will keep buying them :D
  • i knew lode runner would have a price cut soon, finally its here i wouldn't pay 1200ms but now that its dotw ill finally get to play this classic again! :) super happy dude right here
  • Anyone know how the Fable things will work? I borrowed the game from a friend, but bought the expansions... any chance of getting the achievements I missed from 'In the Future' on the cheap, eh?
  • You know, some people dont live anywhere near a gamestop or eb games or similar game store. Games on demand is a boon for those who have to fly out or drive many hours to get to cheap games. The extra ten to fifteen dollars we pay is still cheaper than airfare or gas/vehicle costs. Just throwing in my two cents.
  • If my avatar wants back to school clothes I'll lend him the car keys and he can go out and pay for anything he wants with the money that he earned with his summer job
  • Avatar market place is a complete rip off.
  • @33, 35. You CAN buy Games on Demand games with Microsoft Points......
  • Hmm. . . .sorta meh but no complaints, I'm not excited about Sept schedule but whats a guy gonna do? I'd be happy if they gave your avatar Blood Dragon Armour as an acual outfit or like Ghillie suits. . . .ya that'd be sweet.
  • What happened to facebook on xbox live, I want that
  • Needs moar Toejam & Earl.
  • avatar clothing is such a joke. I thought my smoking addiction was a waste of money... anyone that actually buys the stuff honestly needs to get checked out for mental deformities.
  • Are they going to release anymore free avatar clothes or are they just going to keep charging. If I just about never buy clothing in the real world then why would I waste my money on clothes that I would never possibly wear. Also if you look at the sandles for sale they are pretty much the same as the ones hat were free only a slightly different colour. Talk about a rip off.
  • *could not would (4th line) *that not hat (6th line)
  • what i dont get is that all you people complain about having to pay for new clothes and props for ur avatar and then you people go and buy them.
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