Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel and Another Star Wars Game in the Works at EA, Report Claims

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel and Another Star Wars Game in the Works at EA, Report Claims

Richard Walker

While a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel seems like a total no-brainer for EA (and we've already heard rumblings that it's in the works), apparently the publisher has both a follow-up to Respawn's single-player action game and another unspecified Star Wars game in the offing, according to a report.

A Fallen Order sequel would presumably hew close to the original, likely with fledgling Jedi Cal Kestis back in the spotlight, but the second Star Wars title that EA reportedly has on the cards is said to be "a smaller, more unusual project" allegedly being handled by Motive Studios. Motive, you may recall, was previously connected to Visceral's canned 'Project Ragtag' Star Wars project, a heist-based story that sadly never saw the light of day.

Could Motive Studios pick up the Project Ragtag ball and run with it, or could the developer instead forge its own path in a galaxy far, far away? With Star Wars Battlefront II still receiving support and filling a multiplayer gap, the smart money could be on another single-player, story-driven experience, given the recent success of Fallen Order. Of course, none of this is official or verified, so at this juncture, it's anyone's guess what EA is up to.

A new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems assured, but what Motive Studios is up to is being kept under wraps. What we do know is that Star Wars custodian Disney is keen for devs to get creative with its IPs, so perhaps EA trying something "smaller" and "more unusual" would fit that remit. As ever, watch this space.

[DualShockers via VideoGamer]

  • Now that the first one was successful and the series is well established I'm sure the second will be monetized to high heaven.
  • @1, I hope that isn't the case, but I got a feeling you're spot on with that one.
  • @1&2 : yeah I'm afraid of the same thing. I guess I'll wait a few weeks/months to play the sequel to see how it is and if they try to fu** us
  • I'd rather have 8-9 planets this time around with not nearly as large of maps. It became a chore late game, especially for collectibles, to have to grind 20-30 minutes through a map to get to one crate you are missing. Some maps were better than others with elevators and whatnot, but some were kind of painful to navigate. I'd also like to see gear, lightsaber parts add skills, or boosts, or have some kind of benefit besides cosmetic. Something other than hobo shawls to wear would be cool also. Great game otherwise, i'll buy the 2nd one day one most likely.
  • I don't give a rats if it is monetized as long as it's only cosmetic stuff, if it plays as well if not better than the first game. There has to be something there or EA wouldn't do it i'm just happy to be getting single player star wars games again :D not interested in battlefront at all.
  • Most fun I've had in a Star Wars game since KOTOR2. I will say the difficulty could be a bit more even, a few enemies seem to be pretty overpowered and sometimes if they knock me down I don't even get another chance to attack.
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