Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Bringing the 1997 Point-and-Click Classic to Consoles

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Bringing the 1997 Point-and-Click Classic to Consoles

Richard Walker

Nightdive Studios and Alcon Entertainment have announced that Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will be coming to consoles, bringing the 1997 point-and-click adventure classic to Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. Based on the 1982 Ridley Scott movie starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, the game is an original story featuring detective Ray McCoy as the protagonist.

As a Blade Runner, McCoy must hunt down replicants - humanoid androids in a cyberpunk noir version of Los Angeles, 2019. Originally, the 1997 version of Blade Runner was developed by Command & Conquer outfit Westwood Studios, with a narrative that runs tangentially with the events of the movie. The remastered 'Enhanced Edition' will be a "polished and premium restoration," The Hollywood Reporter reports, despite the original code being lost.

"It's true that the original Blade Runner source code was lost," said Nightdive's Head of Business Development Larry Kuperman. "We painstakingly reverse-engineered the code, importing it into our own KEX engine, a powerful tool that allows us to do console ports of classic titles, even in the face of quite challenging situations."

Nighdive CEO Stephen Kick added: "Blade Runner is still a jaw-dropping achievement on every level, so while we’re using KEX to upgrade the graphics and respectfully elevate the gaming experience in a way you’ve never seen before, we’re still preserving Westwood’s vision and gameplay in all its glory.

"While you can enjoy the benefits of playing the game on modern hardware, the game should look and feel not as it was, but as glorious as you remember it being."

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has yet to be given a release date, but has been confirmed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

  • I'll have to wait for actual footage of the game but I'm kinda game already :)
  • Thank you world. You don't know what this means to me.
  • Awesome. My dad borrowed this from a friend from work when I was a kid. I loved playing this and Under a Killing Moon back then. Beat them many times. They got me into point and click games.
  • Nightdive is doing the Lords work. Thank you guys for this, Doom 64, the Turoks, and all the other great classics you're bringing back
  • QFT "Nightdive is doing the Lords work." It never feels like enough to just buy on day one when the powers that be pull titles out of the licencing nightmare we assume their going through to get enough people on board and keep the classics alive and fresh.
  • This is awesome news, I still own the disc version, can’t wait!
  • 90s point and click? I'm sold!
  • Er what happened to McCoy's face?
  • Ah cool, will be a nice change of pace from the games I usually play.
  • I still have it on pc
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