PAX 2009: Halo 3 ODST Firefight Show Floor Footage

Dan Webb

Apparently there is some game called "ODST" coming out in just over a week's time and it's a part of the "Halo" franchise. Who'd have known that huh?

If you can't contain the excitement for another week, check out our Halo 3: ODST Firefight footage from this year's PAX. That should tide you over for 8 minutes or so. Watch it another 1,000 times and that should take you through to the ODST launch... or don't. See if we care.
  • Waiting for Modern Warefare 2.
  • looks good
  • @1 Why not get both? That's what I'm doing.
  • yeah im getting both
  • @1 oh yeah CoD MW2
  • but i get both
  • looks amazing :D
  • firefight is gonna be the best thing to happen to halo just because it looks more challenging and fun. also whoever is playing sucks lol
  • im getting ODST for Mythic Maps. and then i might sell ODST if the achievements suck. If not ill keep it ;)
  • @8 I think it could be great as the halo universe is more suitable to this kind of horde mode than GOW or L4D I think, as there are more weapons, there's vehicles etc. Looking forward to it. Also, @1 I'm gonna get both, with ODST being more of a priority, but they're very different games. i know they're both shooters, but they each have their own selling points. I hope MW2 is great as well though!
  • The guy playing this is terrible and makes it look boring.
  • @ 11 True! the best part of the Call of Duty MW 2 multiplayer video was the action. This video bored me.
  • I'm counting down the days!! Sept. 22!! Prepare to Drop!! Ok, i had to let my inner fanboy out a little bit =] I think I'm going to be broke at the beginning of next year haha.
  • @1 I havn't heard of Modern Warefare 2... Oh well I just preorderd both my copy for Modern Warfare 2 and ODST xD
  • This is about OSDT, if you all want to talk about CoD then go to there forums. Awesome can't wait for ODST!
  • Whoever is playing is absolutely shit, omfg.
  • looks Mint!
  • Hahaha that wraith fucked them up
  • 1 more week! I prefer Halo over Call of Duty any day, Halo is what brought me into gaming and Xbox overall. Not saying I'm not getting MW2 also but I know I'll be playing Firefight for months!
  • @9 there is an unconfirmed list out there but seems to be popping up in a few places so I think it is real.
  • Might have been more exciting if the person playing didn't hide like a little girl every time a Brute showed up. :/
  • omg i wanna get this game!!!
  • Still no sprint? thats my only complaint against Halo other than that looks good. I don't think the person playing has ever played Halo before, it doesn't look like he knew the controls.
  • yawn
  • I don't know about this one, every video i've seen of firefight makes it look boring, it doesn't seem like there's much action. I'll wait till it comes out then i'll see if I will buy it.
  • Typical...a online Halo match with someone jumping around. not gonna do it.
  • /snore
  • @1 Waiting for Modern Warefare 2. to hell with that im waiting for modern warfare 2
  • #17 whait?? is this about OSDT. stupid me.. i thoth that it was ODST x)
  • The guy playing makes it look boring... But I know it'll be sweet! MW 2 will be better, but this is awesome as well! *orders his ODST t-shirt*
  • @27 First, it's a squad game... this tool is running around solo for most of it, and poorly at best. And look at it this way, ODST comes with a 2nd disc with the online multiplayer of Halo 3, if you've completed all campaign stuff on Halo 3, sell it back, take that money & put it towards ODST... win-win... seriously it is. Having played Firefight at one of the Demo Truck locations, and having enough confidence in my playing ability, this guy is terrible, I really hope they were just walking around so you could see the visuals & basics. The gameplay is fantastic though. Much different than previous Halo entries. You're an ODST, not a Spartan, you're smaller, so grunts are pretty much eye level, you don't jump as high, you're not as fast, you don't throw grenades as far, the recoil from
  • meh looks exaclty like halo 3 so not a buy
  • its kinda rubbish how you respawn like 2 seconds after dieing. That will so make the game worse. Not really challenging. Still gonna get it though.
  • *Sniff* I'm the one playing in this video - I Hate you all! Not really, but in two minds on whether to buy this or not... will have to see. Besides, how can you guys say hes crap if you haven't played yet? Maybe this is the worlds best ever player lol
  • @36 if this is the worlds best player then we're fucked
  • @36... read 33... I know I'm not the best.. not even close.. this player is inept.
  • wow #9 achievement whore
  • @ 39, theres nothing wrong with being an achievement whore, and anyways you have a higher gamerscore.... i will be getting this on the release date, screw a day at college, i may have to be "ill in bed" ;)
  • Awesome, can't wait! :)
  • Man, that guy is god awful. You can still jump insanely high, but I don't really mind. I noticed that you can use the flying camera when you're waiting to spawn, which is pretty cool. All in all, I can't wait to get my hands on this game.
  • I'm still unsure about buying this game. Im a big fan of the halo series, but i've got a feeling this game may be inferior to the previous 3 0_o, hope not though.
  • Damn get someone who can actually play the game!!! Can't wait for this game.
  • couldn't agree more with #18 anymore
  • Awesome but i would rather get Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising instead of this looks just like HALO 3...
  • Man whoever was playing.... SUCKS! haha seriously newb.
  • shibby and @ 1 im getting mw 2
  • Yeah i think it should be pretty good, I'll be getting this and COD MW 2. Should be two great games
  • Yeah the guy sucks. But even so, the vid still makes me want to get stuck in. Even if I'm surrounded by Sgt Johnsons XD
  • Yeah hell with ODST sorry but Halo is getting really sucky, waiting for Modern Warfare 2 comes out. 24/7 gameplay right there
  • Yea the guy playing this video is horrible... makes the game look like death after death after death... getting it as priority game of the year XD then MW2
  • firefight is well good on this game
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