Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Reappears This Time on South Korean Ratings Board

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Reappears, This Time on South Korean Ratings Board

Ben Borthwick

A remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Campaign has been spotted again on another ratings board - this time in South Korea.

As reported by Eurogamer, South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee have apparently rated the game's campaign following a submission on the 26th of February earlier this year. It's far from the first time it's been spotted, with it popping up through an Amazon listing, via reports from various anonymous sources and even a rating from Europe's own PEGI over the last two years. As has been fairly common so far, it seems it's just a rating for the campaign from the game, and no multiplayer has been sighted.

Activision are still remaining tight-lipped at the moment, as has been the familar tune this entire time - but it's also not the only Call of Duty rumour to be doing the rounds that Activision has had to deal with this week, as just yesterday it was claimed the next game in the series will be a Black Ops reboot.

Will this one hold any water and will we finally get a announcement this time? We'll obviously have to wait and see, although it's worth noting Activision did promise "a number of remasters" - though stopped short of saying what those remasters were - back in February. Rest assured we'll let you know when any official announcement is made. 

[via Eurogamer]

  • This is going to get so confusing with their new reboot of Modern Warfare, as we have to assume the continuation of that will also be Modern Warfare 2.
  • I'm all for these remasters. They should do WaW and the first two Blops games as well. Instead if feels like they are rebooting Call of Duty. 2017 rebooted 2005 and 2019 rebooted 2007. Feels like they have this idea of starting over every decade by churning out the same familiar thing in roughly the same time span. Its feeling horribly blatant and by nature, kinda lazy. I'm not down for a more realistic Black Ops nor am I looking forward to the reintroduction of exo movement in 2026 when we are bored of the "realism" CODs taken aim at this next generation. I guess all I'm trying to say is, despite the sales still being great and the shooters still being quality, the branding and theme of these games is derivative of itself to a nearly insulting degree at this point and I'm not even talking about the year to year familiar feel between games. I don't know what kind of identity Call of Duty as a series will have in the next 5 years but it would be nice if they would just stop. Make one more Modern Warfare if they must get MW2remastered out but then let the series rest for a few years.
  • Yes please!!
  • I can't wait until next decade when they start doing RE-remasters!!!
  • Personally think they should have done the MW collection remaster All 3 campaigns remastered...Every single MP from all 3 games...Spec ops with a few added options...Chaos/survival mode with more options such as hunt where the enemy doesn't know where you are, they have to hunt you down rather than spawning and knowing exactly where you are. Add a few more modes to MP like Bots, gun game, keep 4 player split screen. Hours of fun esp against my nephews, 3 of us can play together and won't be long till another nephew is old enough to play.
  • This feels like a franchise that’s completely out of any original ideas
  • i wish sony would jump on the remaster bandwagon and remaster the SOCOM games, and release them for PC and PS5. Id be too hopeful to think they would release on XSX, but you never know.
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