Bleeding Edge is Out Now Serving Up Multiplayer Mayhem via Game Pass

Bleeding Edge is Out Now, Serving Up Multiplayer Mayhem via Game Pass

Richard Walker

Ninja Theory's madcap online 4v4 multiplayer brawler Bleeding Edge is now available for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as a Play Anywhere title, enabling you to team up and wreak havoc in a cybernetic clash for the ages.

Bleeding Edge's diverse and colourful cast of characters include Buttercup with her detachable saw blade arms, Black Metal rocker Nidhöggr and his "electrifying guitar solos", and Daemon with his slice and dice assassin skills. There's also a dolphin in a big mech named Mekko.

You can also use Bleeding Edge's environments to your advantage, shoulder barging rivals using Makutu's shoulder barge, trap opponents in Maeve's magical cage, or drag enemies into electric fences with Buttercup's saw blades. The game also features customisable hoverboard mounts and parts to mod your arsenal of weaponry with.

Bleeding Edge is out now for Xbox One and Windows 10, available to download via Xbox Game Pass or to purchase for $29.99/£24.99.

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