Star Trek Online Celebrates First Contact Day This April

Star Trek Online Celebrates First Contact Day This April

Matt Lorrigan

Star Trek Online is celebrating the fictional First Contact Day, beginning this week, giving players new patrols to participate in and offering a grand prize of a Temporal Vortex Probe.

Star Trek fans will know First Contact Day as the day that humans made contact with Vulcans (5th April 2063) from Star Trek: Voyager. The event begins in Bozeman, Montana, with captains travelling back in time to mid-21st century Earth in order to take on The Borg. The Borg are threatening to alter the timeline to prevent humans from ever meeting the Vulcans, and players with have to enlist the help of the Jeri Ryan-voiced Seven-of-Nine in order to build a replica of The Phoenix, humanity's first ever warp-capable ship. Players who reach 14-days of progress in the event will unlock the Temporal Vortex Probe, which can travel through local space to take out enemy vessels.

First Contact Day will run in Star Trek Online from 2nd April to 23rd April 2020.

  • From Star Trek Voyager? Not the movie First Contact?
  • I know Voyager did this too but the whole plot is literally the movie.
  • @1 the movie is about the Borg and stopping them making first contact. first contact has nothing to do with voyager and pre-dates Star Trek Enterprise.
  • @1 It's based one the movie Star Trek: First Contact, not the one you saw in an episode of Voyager. This time they added a second way to earn more.
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