Halo 3: ODST ViDoc - Terra Incognita

Dan Webb

The third in the series of video documentaries straight out of Bungie for ODST dropped online today.

Whilst the other two ViDocs focused on the new squad and the new firefight mode, "Terra Incognita" tends to focus on the new game world and the different experience that ODST will offer gamers in the Halo universe. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy 8 minutes of ODST and other ODST related chatter.

Halo 3: ODST drops one week today, September 22nd.

  • This is awesome. Will watch it again in HD for sure. Looking forward to ODST!!!
  • kool
  • Bah gawd, I can't wait.
  • Very interesting video, there's a lot of work put into this sucker.
  • Oh yeah, at 7:58 you can see an achievement tracker for "Boom, Headshot". :D I think that's already been known, but its still pretty damn cool to have one.
  • This is tight, cannot wait any longer!!! :P
  • Very Nice
  • yeah, that didn't help my anticipation...wow, i actually can't wait to play halo... maybe i've played too many shitty games lately
  • Halo 1 is the best halo, nice to see they are using that game as their structure. Ande as for Halo Reach, i feeel since its a prequel to Halo 1, i think it will be old school online single weilding greatness! YALDY can't wait!
  • This is gonna be awesome! Tuesday can't come soon enough
  • "Boom, Headshot" 6/10.Best moment of the video!
  • yawn
  • Gosh... One Week Away! Halo is the best game. Can't Wait!
  • one week... can't come soon enough
  • i just beat this. It rocked.
  • Not a big fan of Halo, but i think i'm gonna try this one out
  • Already pre-ordered and the clock is counting down :D
  • @ 15 How so?
  • Looks alright i guess but im still getting Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising instead of this, playing HALO ODST just feels like playing HALO 3 nothing new really.
  • Holy crap this sucks. My Xbox got an E74 2 weeks ago and the earliest it can come back according to Microsoft is the release date of this game. and i have it preordered! the only question i can ask is "Why Jesus?!"
  • sorry and at 19, its almost like a completely different game, its not like going beast mode like the guy said, its actually going to be hard, and you will need health packs, scattered around the city. To me, it kindve seems like it will be similar to fallout 3 with a giant city, and picking up things along the way.
  • Looking good, just need to make sure i can hold-it-together for a week.
  • This is going to rule! I keep counting down the days. Just sucks that the day I get it will be the same day I have appointments and jazz :(
  • @20 ouch feel your pain bro =/ and omg i cant wait T.T ugh why cant they release it early >.>
  • im so going to the midnight release at bestbuy when it comes out CANT WAIT!!
  • I cannot wait to play ODST next week!
  • Waiting and drooling so long over this game I'm starting to get dehydrated.
  • Haha.. did the title of this article/video make anyone else think of Captain Keene from Hornblower? :P
  • ya it realy looks cool!
  • So when are you gonna post the achievements for this game?
  • I like "Terra Incognita", an italian name!
  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • omfg, i pre oreder ages ago even tho i wasnt sure, now im not goin to school on 22nd, im ill :P odst all day :D
  • Woot pre ordered and got the day off from work (at one of my jobs Gamestop is a huge corp. . . so they dont consult with me about shit like that) I'm getting more and more anxious for this to come out. . . seems like the epic journey is almost coming to an end :)
  • @ 31, 'Terra Incognita'(Unknown Land)is Actually Latin, As with the Names Of All ViDocs Bungie has Ever Produced. They Like the Latin Language, And the Number 7. Both Have to do with the Forerunners in The Halo Universe.
  • It's SOOO fun to play :D
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