Resident Evil 8 To Release In 2021, Began as Revelations 3 - Report

Resident Evil 8 To Release In 2021, Began as Revelations 3 - Report

Matt Lorrigan

A new report from credited Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem, and verified by VGC, has revealed multiple details about the upcoming Resident Evil 8.

As previously reported, it appears that Resident Evil 8 will return to the first-person viewpoint from Resident Evil 7, and have Ethan Winters as the protagonist once again. Interestingly, the game apparently spent most of its development as Resident Evil Revelations 3. After the original vision for Resident Evil 8  reportedly got scrapped, Revelations 3 took the game's place, after it "received a lot better by testers, internally, than they expected". This apparently led to the game given an extra year to convert itself into a mainline title, including some "huge changes" including tweaks to the story and characters.

It is also apparently going to be a cross-gen game, and will be revealed in the next few months - presumably originally due to be revealed at E3, although plans may have changed. It could also cause some divides with Resident Evil fans, moving further away from the franchise's traditional zombie fare and further into the occult, hallucinations and insanity.

Obviously, take this all with a huge pinch of salt, but we don't have too long to find out if this is all true it seems. If you're itching (tasty) for some more Resident Evil action right now, you can pick up Resident Evil 3 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - we thought the game was impressive in our review, saying "pared back, streamlined and completely brilliant, you'll have a blast outrunning Nemesis all over again".

[via VGC]

  • Im a little surprised. They have been releasing these games pretty fast!
  • I here I am, with 7 not even started :/
  • I can wait; a quality game with a good single player story is what is important. We saw Chris in RE7, so hopefully one or more of those old characters like Jill or Leon will make an appearance in RE8.
  • As long as it is grounded within the clearly defined world of the series, I'm ok with the shift. Fully expected the first person perspective thing, 9 will likely also be first person before the next big change in style.
  • Are the revelations games worth a play? Heard that they don't add much story wise?
  • As much as I liked 7, I'd like to see 8 or 9 running similar to the remastered 2 and 3 but with plenty of returning characters such as Leon and Claire, Ada and Wesker. Yes, Wesker.
  • @5 I would say yes, but I play RE more for atmosphere and gameplay than story.
  • @6 I think you mean remakes. I want at least one more of those before we go into this new generation of sequals..
  • @5, the Revelations games are worth playing. They feel more akin to older RE games, which is a plus. And like @7 said, the story for RE has never really been the main attraction, but rather the gameplay and atmosphere..
  • First Person RE. Nah. Wasn't interested in 7, likely won't be interested in this.
  • @8 yea, you're right. Posted just before I went to bed lol
  • would rather of had revelations 3 personally.
  • As soon as I read that it was originally Revelations 3, my faith in it being good went out the window. Revelations 2 was such a massive disappointment after how fun the first Revelations was. I really think Capcom should get rid of the writers involved with Revelations 2, RE5, and RE6. I enjoyed the gameplay in all these games, but the stories just completely ruined the experiences.
  • @5 Revelations 1 is definitely worth a play, but I'd honestly skip Revelations 2 unless you can get it REALLY cheap and have a friend to co-op it with a friend to make up for the garbage story.
  • Man, this sucks, even in quarantine there is no way I can possibly keep up with all the games that keep coming out. Maybe by the time I'm in an old folks home I can finally complete that ridiculous backlog of games that's been building.
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