WWE 2K21 Could Be Cancelled Following WWE 2K20's Failure to "Meet Expectations" - Report

WWE 2K21 Could Be Cancelled Following WWE 2K20's Failure to "Meet Expectations" - Report

Richard Walker

It looks like 2K's WWE series could be skipping an instalment this year, according to a report. Following the poor performance of WWE 2K20, which launched in October 2019 with a litany of bugs, the latest entry in the series (and the first without the input of developer Yuke's) failed to deliver the number of sales expected and left fans cold. WWE 2K21 could well be cancelled, then, with the series set to pick up again with WWE 2K22 next year.

"I have heard from reliable sources and I truly believe that WWE 2K21 has been cancelled. There will be no game this year," says Justin Leeper, the former writer for WWE 2009, 2010, and 2011's Road to WrestleMania mode. Furthermore, the lack of an announcement for WWE 2K21 during this year's WrestleMania lends credibility to reports pointing to the game's possible cancellation.

In a recent financial call, 2K Games also noted that WWE 2K20 failed to meet expectations "both in terms of sales and quality", prompting a pledge from 2K to "actively" work with developer Visual Concepts to ensure that WWE 2K21 meets expectations and doesn't ship with the numerous glitches and bugs that plagued WWE 2K20.

According to Leeper, the potential cancellation of WWE 2K21 is "not a bad thing, that's a good thing." No doubt the additional year of development time will allow Visual Concepts the time it needs to whip the next WWE 2K game into shape. With the COVID-19 crisis still at large, this may have also been a contributing factor, assuming the report is accurate, of course.

For now, this is speculation, and 2K Games has yet to offer any sort of official confirmation regarding WWE 2K21. Should the series be skipping a year, however, you can presumably expect to hear something more concrete on that soon.

  • That's perfectly fine. The games been on a downward trend for a while. I wonder if they would of had you wrestling in empty arenas? haha
  • Nothing of value was lost in this decision
  • Good news!
  • well we don't really need a new game every year if they dont change too much and it gets worse so yeah seems like a smart choice
  • Decision needs to be from both sides (WWE & 2k). I can see 2k doing this because of the hard work ahead. They've wanted max profits on as little work as possible. Just look at the NBA games too. Visual Concepts have been useless the last few years. Nothing but problems on their end
  • Can we cancel the series as a whole?
  • But it's an essential service!
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