Bleeding Edge to Introduce Mekko the Mech-Piloting Dolphin Next Week

Bleeding Edge to Introduce Mekko, the Mech-Piloting Dolphin, Next Week

Richard Walker

Ninja Theory has announced that Bleeding Edge will be expanding its roster of rogues with the addition of Mekko the dolphin next week, making the mech-piloting sea mammal playable very soon. Set to be added via a free update, the oddball dolphin in his fishbowl mech had been delayed, as the studio worked out other issues with the game.

A ranged tank character, Mekko has a sonar gun as his primary fire, a defensive Bubble Block shield, and the ability to create Power Orbs by absorbing damage with the Bubble Block to cast specials. These special abilities include the Lifeline, which enables Mekko to connect to an ally and take damage on their behalf.

Mekko also has a Safety Zone ability that marks out an area that grants him and his allies lifesteal and armour, and an enemy-knocking Surge. As for his Supers, Mekko can bust out a Sonic Barrage that pushes enemies back and deals damage, or the Exclusion Bubble that traps enemies. You can find out more about Mekko's abilities here.

You'll be able to play as Mekko when the latest update rolls out for Bleeding Edge on Xbox One and Windows 10 from 27th April. The update also includes the new Techno Viking board and new emotes to unlock.

  • Only adding more easy achievements would make me wanna reinstall this
  • @1 Same here, took me about an hour to get bored with the game.
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