Bethesda Donating One Million Dollars to Coronavirus Relief

Bethesda Donating One Million Dollars to Coronavirus Relief

Matt Lorrigan

Bethesda has announced that it is donating $1,000,000.00 towards the COVID-19 frontline, as well as emphasising the importance of staying at home.

Bethesda's donation will be split, with $500,000.00 going to Direct Relief, a charity which helps provide personal protective equipment (PPE) directly to health care workers. $250,000.00 will go to UNICEF, to help keep children and families safe during the pandemic, while the remaining $250,000.00 will be split between local COVID-19 efforts where Bethesda offices are based worldwide.

Bethesda are also using the #BethesdaAtHome campaign to promote social distancing, including streaming Bethesda games from home offices and offering opportunities for fans to donate to the above charities.

"Whether it's playing games, watching streams, or however you're choosing to stay active during these challenging times, we encourage you to find ways to stay connected to others while we continue to observe social distancing guidelines in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy."

[via VideoGamer]

  • $1M isn't going to change their public image.
  • @1 Even with that being the case and probably the only reason they are doing it is to make themselves look good. It's still an incredible act of generosity and one that could actually make a difference with the Covid-19 Crisis. Even if that act of generosity is coming from one of the sleaziest gaming companies ever.
  • Fair play Bethesda
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