Footage of Cancelled Prince Of Persia Redemption Surfaces Online

Footage of Cancelled Prince Of Persia 'Redemption' Surfaces Online

Matt Lorrigan

Footage of a cancelled Prince of Persia game, known as Prince of Persia Redemption, has surfaced online, and it looks pretty cool.

The game appears to have been in development at Ubisoft Montreal, and as Gematsu points out, a LinkedIn profile for a former Ubisoft employee lists work on a cancelled Prince of Persia game from 2010 to 2011. Strangely, the footage has been on YouTube since 2012, which suggests this is that same game, although it's unclear whether the video was public the entire time. The first comment on it was from 2018, actually from Ubisoft Montreal Assistant Technical Director Marc-Andre Belleu, asking "Where did you get that?!".

The game looks very cool, with Uncharted-like disaster platforming and third-person combat, as well as the Prince's trademark time-travel ability. We've not had any word yet on what happened to Prince of Persia Redemption, or why the game never came to market, but it's a shame we never got this Prince of Persia game.

There is also a small chance, although extremely unlikely, that this could be a marketing campaign for a new Prince of Persia game. The series has always played around with time travel, and there is something about an eight-year old video suddenly surfacing on YouTube from the past, with the first ever comment being one from a Ubisoft employee from just a couple of years ago. It is almost certainly not a complex and long-planned viral marketing campaign, but it is a strange coincidence.

The last console Prince of Persia game, Forgotten Sands, released back in 2010, and we've not seen a full new entry in the series since.

  • Give me a trilogy/quadrilogy hd remake in this generation or the next, then take my money for a sequel; I do like the ability to play an entire series without constantly console-swapping.
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