Mafia Game Announcement Teased By Official Twitter Account

Mafia Game Announcement Teased By Official Twitter Account

Matt Lorrigan

The official Mafia Twitter account (the game, not the organisation) has stirred into life for the first time in over a year, leading to speculation of an imminent announcement.

The account tweeted out just a single word - "Family" - which has fans of the series excited for the possible announcement of a new Mafia title, perhaps even Mafia 4. People are also speculating that this could lead to the announcement of a remaster or remake of the original Mafia game, or possibly Mafia II. This follows Crytek teasing a remaster of Crysis in a similar using their Twitter account, which seems to be the in-vogue way to build hype for a game at the moment. We're expecting a full announcement within the week.

Would you like to see a new Mafia game announced, or a remake of one of the older games in the franchise? Let us know down in the comments! In the meantime, Mafia III is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

  • Man I would love both a Mafia 2 Remastered and Mafia 4 announcement but can't go wrong either way honestly.
  • La Familia classic mafia game incoming? sounds good
  • First mafia any day. Brilliant game for that time.
  • I would like a proper follow up to Mafia II, please.
  • Please and I know I’m not alone when I say we need a remaster of mafia 1.
  • Never played the original Mafia however Mafia II was an amazing game. I enjoyed Mafia 3 but it didnt have the same charm as Mafia II
  • Mafia 4 would be welcome news (maybe set in the 80's?). didn't play the first game, so a remaster or new version would be cool. just finished re-playing 2...great game for those who get tired of all the nonsense in GTA. number 3 is under-rated, so don't get put off by bad reviews or complaints dating back to release day.
  • @9 OH yeah I played Mafia 3 earlier this year and even though I prefer 2 it was an amazing game if not a little repetitive.
  • I loved 2, but couldn't finish 3. I pre-ordered it and loved the concept. The characters were great, but the gameplay was grossly repetitive, disjointed in jarring ways (clear a base, then get a story mission to clear it again 5 minutes later), and it looked like @$$. Water and rain looked better on PS2. I will never pre-order a Mafia game again and I have no enthusiasm for whatever's coming next. That said, different strokes...
  • I'd like to see a Mafia 4 and/or a remake/remaster of the first one as it's the only one I haven't played.
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