TGS 09: New Lost Planet 2 Trailer & Screens

Dan Webb
If there are two things that you take away from the latest Lost Planet 2 trailer, I have a feeling they will revolve around the varied environments and the big ass monster bosses.
Sure, the latest trailer may all be CGI, but we've all played the demo by now and so you pretty much know what the main game will look like next year.
Sit back and enjoy a trip around the world... Lost Planet 2 style!

Check out the 10 brand new Lost Planet 2 screens here as well.

  • Looks good :D
  • Cant wait.
  • this game will have my babes with me again and again.
  • Babies*
  • jelly legs........... jizzzzed
  • jizz comments much, XD looks amazing though
  • This planet keeps getting better and better.
  • Looks pretty solid heres hoping its better then that medicore short demo lol.
  • looks enormous !
  • Loved the demo, loved that trailer. Can't wait till it's out
  • @8 it will be better, that demo was released in July, almost 8 months before the games release. Alot of work gets done in 8 months. This planet keeps getting better and better the more I see of it.
  • Capcom knows how to do a trailer for sure :D
  • Mmmmmmnyaaaaaa....ahhh...ohhhh....meh. I gotta beat the 1st one still
  • Still no sighting of the new characters introduced in Lost Planet Colones :( I want to play as either Valkyrie or Snow Bunny damnit!
  • Game looks good. Of course the most appealing thing would be the 4 player co-op that I'm looking for.
  • The game looks fucking SIIICK!!!
  • Gee I wonder if they could have made the bosses any bigger haha
  • amazing! no other words needed.
  • Seriously looking forward to this. I'm a sucker for huge bosses.
  • wooooooooow
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