Oddworld Soulstorm is a Timed PlayStation Console Exclusive Xbox Version to Release Later

Oddworld Soulstorm is a Timed PlayStation Console Exclusive, Xbox Version to Release Later

Richard Walker

Oddworld Inhabitants has announced that Oddworld Soulstorm, a complete reminagining of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee sequel, Abe's Exoddus, will be coming to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 as a timed console exclusive. That means will have to wait a while longer before the game makes the leap to Xbox.

That fact was advertised with a very pretty new trailer, in which we see Abe facing all manner of potentially fatal dangers, in a game that promsies to be "a big visual and cinematic leap that breaks new ground for Oddworld". As well as "intelligent new mechanics and twisted new devices" to overcome, the narrative is a dark parable -- a tale of a "volatile society" pushed to breaking point.

Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning describes it as the game that he's always wanted to make. Oddworld Soulstorm will eventually be coming to Xbox -- presumably both Xbox One and Xbox Series X -- but it could be a year or two before we see it. Give the new trailer a look below.

  • Beyond sick of timed exclusives. If it’s not first party put it on everything. I love this series and have since I was a kid, but I wouldn’t buy a console to play this a year early
  • TImed exclusivity can go and get in the sea. Whether it's Sony of Microsoft doing it, it's a shitty practice. No-one has ever shifted their console of choice because a game comes out earlier on that platform, but they do it for the association, similar to marketing deals. They want that brand associated with their platform, and the other versions to be an afterthought. It's simply money to keep it from other people so that more people think it's tied to your product, and it sucks.
  • #2 very very true. I don't even do it on PC with between all the launchers. Generally if it's not on steam with all my other stuff, it can stay away. I try to look at it as getting the better version of the game once it is released. Most the bugs should be worked out by the timed exclusive folks.
  • Joke's on PlayStation then. Once again it's first versus best. We saw it in the beginning with third-party tiles like THPS4 and NFS, then again when GTA, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy slowly made their way to Xbox. Timed PlayStation exclusives only prove the old phrase, "patience pays". Oddworld will look and run better on the Series X and will likely include all pre-order bonuses and have the post-launch patches baked into the code. I'll be playing Halo while they perfect Oddworld for Xbox.
  • I don't blame him. I really wanted Strangers Wrath, but MicroSoft said it was to large of a download. Love Xbox but that was a tactical mistake.
  • I'm in agreement with most. Timed exclusivity is garbage, regardless of the company doing it. I think exclusivity in general sucks, outside of the obvious franchises tied to individual platforms. We are never going to see Horizon or Uncharted on xbox for example and that's ok. The ones that cheese me off are titles (or characters) that are universally loved and have traditionally appeared in games on all consoles, like Spidey. I love alot of the old Spidey games on 360 but due to Sony buying the character, what are the chances we'll see him on Xbox in the future. Pretty slim i reckon. What if we get our own Marvel exclusive, maybe Iron Man. Could you imagine the uproar from PlayStation gamers? And rightly so. As much as i would like a great Marvel exclusive for xbox, it's the same issue. It's bullshit and it needs to stop!
  • This practice will never stop because money talks, and no amount of crying will change the mindset of these big greedy companies. Sony are actually very smart doing this a bunch at launch, it will 100% sway the decision of a lot of people looking at what console they should get at launch. I know it's a shitty practice but Microsoft has to start doing the same, theres only one way to fight fire....
  • Extinguishers.
  • I don't understand why #7 got downvoted because he is right. Both consoles are launching end of the year, of course deals like this are going to be made you want consumers to buy your product. 360 Had timed exclusives back in the day so it's not like Microsoft haven't done it before, they need to be more cut throat next generation if they want to stand toe to toe with Sony. Sorry but power and brand loyalty isn't stopping me from playing great games next generation. If you made the wrong choice (again) in buying a console for brand loyalty rather than games you have no right to complain you knew the product you were buying so you be directing your negative energy towards Microsoft or just shut up and wait for the game later down the line.
  • @9 It was down voted because the world we live in now you are not allowed to have an opinion anymore, anyone who doesn't agree will immediately down vote and get upset. I understand, i have 180k GS and no that doesn't make me a good gamer or special or entitled but what it does mean is that i have put a lot of hours into xbox consoles and i want them to be more aggresive to get their gamers (us) more exclusives. I missed out on a ton of good games this gen (Spiderman, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, Street Fighter 5 the list goes on) so i could stick with the xbox eco system i like a lot better than the PS one but i'm noy going to miss out again, Microsoft need to pull out the big ones this time.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • #10 You know, I'm a huge advocate of Xbox, since the OG, I never picked up a PlayStation controller.. Until last July when I brought a PS4 Pro just to play God of War. A few games I actually did buy were PS4 exclusives at the time but they came to xbox this year (Yakuza and Kingdom Hearts) so I prefer to play them on Xbox, but I'm in agreement with you, I wish Xbox would look to either secure timed exclusive deals or actually invest in studios that can create similar worlds like God of War or Last of Us or Horizon Zero Dawn. I love Xbox and I love playing the multiplatform games on there but just being the most powerful console isn't enough. And while I love the flagships of Gears and Forza and Halo, I think Microsoft just needs to do more with the IP's it owns and create single player experiences that make you go "I need an xbox just to play that game."
  • @9 WHat a take. "If you don't like it, either buy the other console or shut up." Why can't people criticise a business practice that they dislike or disagree with? Most people cannot justify or afford to buy more than one console. If someone chooses the xbox because they like the services and/or exclusives there, why can they not denounce the practice of games they are looking forward to being artificially restricted from release on their platform for nothing other than money? These aren't first party exclusives, they are third party games coming to multiple platforms that one platform has paid to restrict from the others for varying periods of time. I would and likely will openly criticise the practice no matter which company is behind it. @10 You understand that people downvoting you are... expressing their opinion? You are obviously allowed to have and state your opinion but that does not mean you're free to do so without criticism or challenge.
  • @10 I know we've had some issues a long time ago on practices between both MS and Sony. It looks like you've opened your eyes to it. Both companies do it. It's not cool, but it's marketing and business at the end of the day. Just like you said, they (Sony) want to establish the narrative that you can play it here first rather than wait. No different than Xbox doing it. @13 He didn't say he had a problem with people having differing opinions. He was only speaking on why HE got downvoted. It happens a lot on here. Especially when you say something in contrast to Xbox.
  • "It is what it is, quitcher bitchin." is what some of you sounds like to me. I think some people just want a trustworthy space to expression how these short term exclusives are not meaningful enough to sell consoles but still divide the market. No matter who is doing it, it's completely money driven and we shouldn't stop talking about it just because it feels like we bought into it so much over the last 15 years that it's irreversible. Change can happen, if we want it.
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