Volition Announces Red Faction DLC Pack #3

Dan Webb

Volition and THQ yesterday announced that their third DLC pack for Red Faction: Guerrilla, the "Smasher Pack," will launch this coming October 1st for 400 Microsoft points.

The Smasher Pack will feature 8 new maps for the Wrecking Crew mode and will also feature what Volition like to call their new "Behemoth" mode. The Behemoth mode will allow players to leave the usual traditional weapons behind and jump into one of the game's Walkers - the three that could be found in the single player campaign.

The Smasher Pack is coming October 1st to Xbox Live (and the PSN) for 400 Microsoft points.

[Thanks to Oultranator0731 for the heads up]

  • awww, they need more campaign dlc
  • fuck sake .. i dont want another 400 live points map pack withouth achievements -.-
  • i dont even play this much anymore. I played it a couple of days ago but got bored of it pretty quickly
  • nice- my buddy loves this game
  • This game is fucking awesome
  • That's good value TBH- 8 maps and a new game mode compared to the usual 3 map 800MSP map packs lol
  • Can't they bring out more story DLC instead because that's so much better then the multiplayer.
  • @2 - Well then you don't have to play it. Easy.
  • The multiplayer was one of the freshest and more fun times I've had online. How is everyone not sick of Halo 3 and GOW? Everyone should get this DLC to help them make more amazing games.
  • So, no achievements? Awww, man. . . .:(
  • I picked up the first pack of single player DLC the other day and really enjoyed it, not too bothered about more multiplayer maps or wrecking crew stuff so will probably give the other 2 packs a miss. Really wish more games would add to the single player campaign side of things instead of just adding multiplayer.
  • More crap for a crap game. Wanna wager they won't release any more DLC for this game just like they did to SR/SR2?
  • dlc2 have been a let down for me so im not to sure i want to pick dlc3.
  • The single player in this game is so damn boring, while the multiplayer was awesome. So of course, the single player DLC gets achievements while the multiplayer doesn't.
  • I only got the Demons of the Badlands DLC. Wasn't too into the multiplayer, and since it doesn't look like more single player stuff will be coming, I think ima trade this bad boy in. I won't be playing it much either way with Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon.
  • Achievements?
  • Predictable and boring. Looks like I'll be trading Red Faction in after all.... *Sigh* What a slow, and disappointing down hill climb it's been, Volition.
  • #8 .. ofcourse im not gonna play it lol .. just saying .. this kinda sucks
  • and #16 .. no achievements :P
  • @12 Crap game despite the good reviews? Betting you bought Halo 3 ODST thinking that you got your moneys worth out of it.
  • @20 I agree with what you're saying @12, the game's awesome, but I would like a lot more campaign DLC aswell as multiplayer ones.
  • Why cant they add Online Play to Wrecking Crew. Then they could add achievements and it wouldn't be so boring!
  • Nice to see that Volition is getting a better handle on what they should charge for DLC at least.
  • Im having a hard time getting a multiplayer game to start anymore with this game. people don't seem to be playing it as much anymore. Not sure if this is worth my money. Loved this game however wish they were putting more campaign dlc out instead of multiplayer.
  • The 2nd dlc was such a let down though! It's so hard to find people for the new game modes because no one bought it. It seriously takes 5-8 minutes to just find a game. If they would have added a few achievements, a lot more people would be playing it. Think I'll pass on this one - although using the walkers would be pretty cool.
  • wow wrecking crew i hated that no achievements no buy this time around
  • I am going to buy it so I can get wrecking ball faster
  • Nice pricing! However, I don't think I would play this pack so much so I won't buy it nevertheless the price is so small.
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