Skate 4 is Happening - "You Commented This into Existence!"

Skate 4 is Happening - "You Commented This into Existence!"

Richard Walker

EA has just confirmed that Skate 4 is finally happening, despite concerns that it might never happen, and what was thought to be the final nail in the coffin for the series when the trademark was abandoned in November of last year.

But now, it's official: Skate 4 is coming, although it's in a very early phase of development. "We're back! We're doing it! Skate's happening!" Creative Director Cuz Parry exclaimed upon confirmation of Skate 4. "You commented this into existence!" he added.

"It's the beginning, but the Skate evolution continues," he went on. "We've got a long way to go, but we're stoked... We want to thank you for your passion, your patience, and all the support you've shown..."

There you have it, then. There are no concrete details just yet, but Skate 4 is at long last, a thing.

  • Easily day 1 purchase.
  • Nice. Just wish it was coming out this year.
  • Day 1. Please make it like Skate 1 where you chose where to do the video challenges, rather than 2&3 which designated a spot. This was the best feature and rewarded exploration. I loved exploring the city looking for the best spots. And remove that terrible injury mode. ALong with security guards and no skate areas.
  • EA will be hoping the Tony Hawk remasters do well as i'm pretty sure the only reason we will finally get this is because of the interest in those remasters. Hopefully both do great and we get tony hawk 3/4 remaster as well as 1/2 and everyone is happy.
  • Now If they could just bring back Tiger Woods that would be amazing
  • @6 They lost the PGA license. And they Dropped Tiger after the abuse reports came out. Did 1 game with Rory McCilroy which was absolutely slated and then PGA took the license back.
  • @7 The Rory Mcilory one was good. But to be fair, they had pretty much made the same game for like 10 years in a row. The Rory one just had a different player on the title screen and intro.
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