Turn 10: Nothing on the Market is Within Years of Forza 3

Dan Webb

Forza 3's Game Director, Dan Greenawalt, told x360a at a Forza 3 event in London this week that there's nothing on the market that comes close to simulating what Forza 3 does.

Greenawalt pined, "I play a lot of racing games, including PC racing games and I have not seen anything that is even within years of what we’re delivering here."

"Part of that actually meant visiting McLaren and seeing the simulator that they train on. I’ve seen other race teams as well and some of their simulators. We were kind of able to learn from each of them and incorporate a lot of that. So I think it would be hard for someone to match that," the outspoken Creative Director added.

Greenawalt later noted, "We have the best simulator around. You’re not going to find another one that’s even close, so if you turn off all the assists, you’re driving with a clutch, even on a controller, you’re driving. There’s tire flex, body flex and unsprung weight on the tires. You turn all the assists on, a 6 year old can play it."

You've played the demo, what do you think? Are Turn 10 and Microsoft so far ahead of the opposition?

Check back later for the full transcript of our interview with Forza 3 Creative Director, Dan Greenawalt.

  • oh dam i love forza
  • The crash system sucked imo, But yeah demo was fun
  • Forza 3 is going to be teh seckz.
  • I don't get the appeal of the CE. I don't understand why game companies include usb flash drives that are too small to do anything with. You can get 16gig thumb drives on ebay for ~10 bucks.
  • What they have said about Forza i think is probably true. Only game that may exceed its scope is GT5.
  • I think that it is not my cup of tea. I can recognize that it's a good game, but I don't see myself playing it. Fun fact: Flying Lizard Porsche in the demo? My dad is the chief engineer for that racing team.
  • @#6 - Get him playing it and see what he thinks of the handling ;)
  • @#7 - Agree! BTW, @#6 - Pics or never happened....
  • I'm silver so I can't play the demo for like a week. Stupid Microsoft.
  • I agree with 7 and 8...that's assuming I don't take your handle at face value #6
  • Although I believe it is the best, bragging about going to McLaren isn't much considering there's a whole program called Gran Turismo TV in which they visit multiple companies. And again, although it is the best... I like variety. Good thing I can get both FM3 and GT5.
  • Personally, I found the demo quite boring. The graphics, styling and car detail are quality, but for me the gameplay was boring. I think Codemasters do a better job at making the racing exciting where as Turn 10 do better at adding the detail. I've played Dirt 2 and GRID, and the gameplay is so exciting and different every race. But when I played Forza 2 and demo of Forza 3, I was getting bored, because its the same every race, you go in front and the computer sticks to the racing line as if the rest of the track is forbidden. I will probably buy Forza 3, because I love motorsport and cars, but not sure how well it will do for my kind of gameplay excitement, and I have just realised I have said way to much, nevermind.
  • @5 Before the latest footage of GT5 I thought the game would kick the shit out of Forza but it seems like the game is in the same stage as the medicore demo from last year. And after the Forza 3 demo I can honestly say that GT5 has alot of catching up to do.
  • Demo was fun,wish you could drift.Cars seem a but floaty for some reason and flip over is funny. Anyway, strong words seeing the GT5 may never come out in America.
  • Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Demo was bad
  • I'm really looking forward to it myself. As long as the career is tweaked, it got really repetitive at the end on Forza 2...
  • I didn't want to play the demo cause I just want to dive right into this game. FORZA FTW!!!!
  • Forza Motorsport 3! Can't wait!
  • @7 I think I probably will this weekend. @8 and 10 Craig Watkins in team picture: Clicky. Here we are coloring Easter eggs: Clicky. I am the one with blonde hair, on the left of my dad.
  • Realistic isn't fun, I wan't a racing game like Midnight Club: LA that would have the customization features of Forza.
  • i was a little let down by the demo.. i was expecting much more graphics wise other then the backgrounds.. they look good but the cars dont seem like much of an improvement over forza 2.....
  • I love the demo, just awesome. The cars look perfect.
  • as a Forza fan I must be direct here. The demo does the game no justice whatsoever. 1 track, 5 cars, 2 laps, c'mon turn 10! A little more would have been nice, and I'd enjoy the demo longer if I had more to do. But to judge Forza 3 on this demo along is just not fair. I am looking forward to so much that this game has to offer and I cannot wait. I am personally sick of the F3 to GT5 comparasons. In my opinion, GT5 doesn't come close and until its released, its not real in my opinion. GT5 can just keep delaying and delaying and adding in the cool things that other games brought to the table, but to be fair, GT5 brings nothing but its ability to copy other game designers. Gee I wonder if Rewind and Damage are going to be brought in by GT5 soon! They just extended the release till
  • @25 They announced GT5 will be releasing in Japan in March. If they follow the path of previous GT releases, it usually releases 3 months later in the US. Also, IGN.com has a hands on preview that shows some damages to the cars heres the link. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/102/1028707p1.html I could care less what game thinks they are better. I'll definitely get this though, some people create some amazing paint jobs.
  • @21 ....easter egg coloring ....FTW!!!
  • 12 i feel exactly the same dirt and grid are mint but forza and grand turismo are just boring
  • I can't believe anyone is saying that the demo wasn't impressive, or that the graphics aren't good enough? @23. This game is amazing and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot IMO. Some of the most photorealistic graphics I have seen, solid gameplay. What else can you ask for?
  • @21 OMGWTFBBQ someone on the internet actually backed up their claims!? Srsly that is pretty cool man.
  • @21 yeah it is pretty cool. Id be interested in hearing what he would have to say about the handling.
  • I agree with #12
  • Yeah the demo was a bit boring. but the graphics are amazing. best on the 360 so far?
  • @21 That is beyond cool.
  • I thought the graphics were poor compared to Dirt 2, also it was an extremely dull demo.
  • @14 u can drift press left on the d-pad then the scoreboard will come press a to drift. Bck to the topic the game is quality I've played it too many times and I come across new easter eggs can't wait until the full game comes out already pre-orderd the LCE
  • I've always been a big forza fan from tuning cars to spending hours on my custom paint jobs and then racing them. I'm also glad they put the cockpit view in because I prefer that view but they could have made it better, like when you change gear it doesn't show the drivers hands going to the gear stick or flicking the gears behind the car wheel and the handbrake for that matter. They could have also made it so you can look around in your car and when you look back you look through the rear window. Forza people say they are ahead of the curve with simulation I agree but ahead with the game it's self no, test drive unlimited covered most of these problems years ago. The rewind system sucks, if your trying to copy a feature off other games your meant to make it better. I'm also glad they
  • Damn thing cut me off lol I'm also glad they have a cat and mouse game mode like PGR4 and not just racing a bit of variety is good. Overall the demo was a 7/10 could of give us more to play around with turn 10. lol just my opinion though :D
  • #25 you do realise gt5 has got a release date of december i think. or november one of them.
  • I dont think theyve played gt5 frankly. That is just as good. In my opinion anyway before you all go off on one.
  • i'm not gonna bother with this game,i have dirt2 and thats enough
  • GT5 needs to step it up, that retail demo or whatever they called it I bought 2 years ago wasn't all that.
  • If people neeed more to do on the demo, then race a ghost from the leaderboards. You can only race those with a hot lap posted but that doset matter as once you complete one lap your own ghost pops up too meaning you can race around that track for hours perfecting every corner!!
  • Okay okay the game is gonna be great but it isn't all that its only a racing game... you will get bored of it after awhile.
  • im a racing freak and i really liked forza 2 and grid, now i am really looking forward to this but after playing nfs shift and the forza 3 demo, imho i prefer shift atm
  • looks good im not sure about the crashing effects tho :/
  • Demo seemed ok so will wait till get game cheap.
  • Don't get me wrong people, I absolutely love this game! But when I played the demo I didn't like a few things. First of all the damage isn't that much better then it was in Forza 2. If you drive head-on into a wall you also have scratches on the side!!? And how do you guys think about the cockpit-view?? It looks pretty sweet doesn't it but uhmm... I have never ever seen a Porsche GT3 RSR with an automatic gearbox?? :S Why is the guy behind the wheel not shifting!!! They've put that much time into the interior of those cars and they forget to make the driver shift... wtf
  • gt5 for me
  • a found the demo realy boring and a thought it was crap that the car dosnt role over and get wrecked a think a will get dirt 2 instead
  • game sucked, no realismt, car feels like it floats and isnt in touch with track. Car moves funny in the world. Overall, just looks nice.
  • a demo is a demo i reserve serious judgement until the final game, people are so negative on these forums.
  • i only like buying cars and try to tune the shit out of it so it can drift round tracks not so fussed at the racing element =)
  • i played the demo. very boring and the handling of the car is kinda gay.
  • @10 Pittsburgh Rocks! Forza does too!
  • @50, u didnt play the demo, go download it and play then come back, your oviously retarted
  • I honestly didn't feel much excitement from the demo. It still feels like the same game at the moment. Sure they may have changed some things, but it's looking like Forza 2.5. I did like the level that the demo played on. I still have the game pre ordered, but the claims that Turn 10 makes are crocks. They are too high on their horse with an ego the size of the universe to realize that they may be humbled harshly by another racing game soon. I personally don't like it when a developer acts like their shit doesn't stink. I kind of hope someone puts it in a bag, lights in on fire, and they step in that heaping pile of hot, steamy, milky way they are claiming to be the best.
  • i flipped my quattro on the demo, i landed on the roof and the bottom of the car looked terrible, the graphics were so bad for the bottom of the car. it all was like smudged together.
  • I love the demo,yes it need a couple of tracks and a few more cars but as a taster to what is to come its amazing.As its a demo it wouldnt of been the final build so it will have been tweaked here and there.And others saying they are forza fans and slating gt5 just cos its on the ps3 is a joke.you should be saying your a racing game fan,now you just look like a little fanboy.If your a true racing fan you would have both systems with forza and gt5.I will be getting a ps3 when gt5 comes,because i love RACING games and i appreciate what these developers do me and other like minded people.see you online
  • @55 Pittsburgh fails in comparison to Baltimore :P we are (2-0) all the people loving Dirt 2 and Grid are casual racing game fans. those are the kind of people who like need for speed games and make their cars all "riced out" and use nitrous and think its the best thing since sliced bread. Forza 3 and GT5 will both be the best racing sims of this generation hands down, each on their own system.
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