Mortal Shell Gameplay - Its Like Dark Souls But With Shells and Shrooms

Mortal Shell Gameplay - It's Like Dark Souls, But With Shells and Shrooms

Richard Walker

There's no sign of there ever being a dearth of Souls-like games on the horizon, and Mortal Shell looks like it might just be one of the most authentically Souls-like RPG titles we've seen since, well, Dark Souls – albeit with more than a few unique ideas of its own.

True to its title, Mortal Shell has you inhabiting one of several different fallen warriors' shells, each with their own individual attributes and abilities, exploring a series of dark and foreboding environments teeming with monsters and other lethal, lurking nasties looking to cut your journey short.

Featuring “strategic and deliberate” combat, Mortal Shell promises to be every bit the challenge you'd normally expect from a Souls game, as you explore its “hauntingly beautiful” world and tackle nightmarish creatures. Check out our gameplay below to see more of Mortal Shell in action, then be sure to come back later today for a boss battle video, sans commentary.

Mortal Shell is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Q3 2020.

  • For some reason I want this game. Never played dark souls but has similarities in it for Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of doom and Sekiro feel.
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