Halo Infinite Campaign Xbox Series X Gameplay Debuts Reveals Master Chiefs New Arm Blade and Harpoon Cable

Halo Infinite Campaign Xbox Series X Gameplay Debuts, Reveals Master Chief's New Arm Blade and Harpoon Cable

Richard Walker

Microsoft and 343 Industries have just debuted the first Halo Infinite campaign gameplay, showcasing the 'spiritual reboot' complete with a lush open environment, a sprawling holographic map to keep tabs of your location, and a rough and ready Warthog to traverse it all in. It's the "most ambitious" Halo campaign 343 has made to date.

In essence, this is the Halo we all know and love -- blasting Covenant with an assault rifle or DMR, and zipping around in a Warthog. 343 has added a few new kinks to the formula, though, with Master Chief now packing a wrist-mounted blade for melee attacks, which he uses to tackle some of Banished brutes.

Chief even has a harpoon tether cable that he can use to reel in items or zip towards enemies, including the minions of Banished leader Atriox. All in all, it's looking utterly sensational, running at a crisp 60fps. Check out the campaign gameplay below. Halo Infinite launches for Xbox One and Xbox Series X (with Smart Delivery) in holiday 2020.

  • saddle up...
  • I love everything about this, except it being open world. How and why do they manage to make everything open world now???
  • @2 Because they're playing with all the old Halo toys and a lot of people loved the Open World elements of ODST. I'm very down for it.
  • @2 I'm worried how they are gonna do the split screen coop that they promised with it being open world. If it has a tether like most other Split screen open world games its really gonna be a turn off.
  • As a fan who's been playing since 2002,this trailer leaves me concerned.I have high hopes for this game.
  • I was concerned at first it looked a bit kid friendly colour wise but it grew on me and the ending was epic looking
  • @3 cause they are trying to ape Bungie by turning Halo into Destiny [complete with titan barriers XD ]
  • That was meant to be @2 *facepalm*
  • The only thing I am not the biggest fan of is the open world approach they have gone for. There is way too many games that are open world on the market. However, the gameplay looks really tidy, visuals shaping up nicely (will watch 4K stream tomorrow) and the guns seem very meaty and packing a punch!
  • The best levels in previous Halo games were always the big ones where you got to explore the environment. Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, New Alexandria, Delta Halo, etc. If Infinite is just that but More, I'm happy.
  • Having played Halo to death, this doesn’t do it for me. I’ve killed enough grunts and brutes in a grassy environment, its not different enough.
  • Halo always set itself apart by having large am expansive levels in its earlier entries so I'm not surprised of them taking this approach, though it does potentially face issues if its fully open world. The issue with full open world design is the lack of design that often goes into it hampers the experience.
  • @10, those levels are memorable because they were dotted in an otherwise linear driven series of games. Moderation is key. Everything these days is open world, so it's not hard to roll your eyes at this one. @12, The issue with full open world design is it's most often, empty and lifeless, lacking the depth of a linear story-driven game. The objectives are also typically identical and repetitive, and the game becomes easy prey for monetization. The game might be great... I just hear open world and shake my head.
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