Tony Hawk: Ride Shooting for an Early December Release in the UK

Dan Webb

I'm not entirely sure what the release schedule is for Tony Hawk: Ride, but I realised something... after seeing the price of it, I'm not sure I even care. However, it is my duty to report news that some of you may care about, and I reckon at least two of you care about the upcoming Tony Hawk game.

Whilst it looks like the US is getting Ride on November 17th, Eurogamer are reporting today that an Activision rep has told them that the UK can expect it on December 4th. As for the rest of the world? Well, if the earnings call is anything to go by, you can expect it in 2010 (unless you're in Germany of course).

As for the price? £99.99, and that comes with the peripheral that you need to play the game. Remember, Tony Hawk: Ride won't be sold without the peripheral and does not work with your standard console controller.

£99.99? You could buy a llama for that.

  • I'm not sure about Ride I like Skate better,but the board you are getting seems like fun :P. And if I have too wait until 2010,it's okay cause then I can read what other thinks about it^^
  • cool, hopefully the game turns out good.
  • skate 3 ftw!!!!!!!
  • Wait a few months and it will be under £50, you'll see.
  • Released on my birthday :)
  • In the UK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • its my birthday :)
  • I think ill pick up a llama instead
  • This game better get amazing reviews or I don't think it will sell 200k copies worldwide...
  • thats euros right? how much in american though?
  • @10 - It will be $120 in the U.S.
  • I'm game as for buying a llama myself, more fun to ride i bet
  • Hopefully Activision will soon learn games with expensive peripherals don't always sell. At least, I hope they don't.
  • Skate3 > Tony Hawk X That is all.
  • going to get this one but skate is the best
  • This doesn't even look remotely fun. How is the board going to allow you to jump and such? At least with the Natal interface, you're just jumping and don't have to worry about landing on a board....I guess we'll see how it works when it releases...
  • Skate 3 all the way!
  • This is so sad I really wanted ride to be good. Have the tony hawk franchise rise from the ashes but they just made it worse. They should have keeped it in development for 2 years instead.
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