Halo Infinite Has Been Delayed Until 2021 on Xbox One and Series X

Halo Infinite Has Been Delayed Until 2021 on Xbox One and Series X

Richard Walker

343 Industries has announced that Halo Infinite has been delayed until 2021, meaning it'll no longer be making its originally intended holiday 2020 release date. As such, it'll no longer be an Xbox Series X launch title.

The developer attributes the delay to a number of factors, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with Studio Head Chris Lee stating that the additional time will also help 343 Industries to achieve the quality level that players expect from a Halo game.

"It is not sustainable for the well-being of our team or the overall success of the game to ship it this holiday. We know this will be disappointing to many of you and we share that sentiment..." he said. "The extra time will let us finish the critical work necessary to deliver the most ambitious Halo game ever at the quality we know our fans expect."

Halo Infinite will now release for Xbox Series X and Xbox One sometime in 2021, while Xbox Series X is due to launch in November 2020.

  • This both the best thing Microsoft could've done, and the worst. While this is great news for Infinite (which very clearly needed the extra work), this is going to he a huge hit to Series X launch sales.
  • What a shambles and embarrassment the series x is becoming after the dreadful showcase, they can’t even get their flagship game to release in time for the flagship console.
  • Personally, not a big deal for me. There will he plenty to play on Series X without Halo this year. Plus MCC is going strong with regular updates and Cyberpunk is waiting in the wings.
  • @1 Absolutely spot on
  • @2 define shambles? Theyre still releasing a console on time even though the entire industry has been shut down for a few months
  • Great news, release it when it's done. Bravo. Xbox is in it for the long game. This delay of Halo isn't going to hurt the long game. Who cares how well a system sells at launch? I guess some fans. Maybe this delay will make it easier for me to get a Series X at launch. I'm still excited.
  • Really makes me wonder if they did this because of the response they got after showing it off last month. Because it was pretty damn bleak to say the least. Especially because they say it’s the most ambitious Halo game to date, yet it looked exactly like Halo 2 and 3 mostly due to the fact that they think that’s what people want to go backwards but I for one think it’s a horrible idea. Forwards is always the best option for improving games not trying to remake the past again just because you knew it worked before.
  • @5) releasing a console without a major first party exclusive = shamble.
  • @8 so exactly the same as PS5.......
  • 5 years and it's still not ready. Millenial developers not working hard.
  • this is a huge mis-step for MS. were the graphics really that bad...really?
  • This is a good thing for 343 but not the best news for Microsoft. Thankfully Sony doesn’t really have much either for their launch.
  • How pathetic M$. Can't even get your flagship game up to snuff for the new console.
  • TBH the 343 Halo games have not been system seller quality. I think all the prosumer smart delivery and BC everything almost is. Will be plenty to play in the meantime. Id rather 3r3 take more time and actually make a GOOD halo game. Cause Halo 4 was OK and 5 sucked. Leys hope 3rd time is the charm.
  • @14 4th time if you count how much of a mess MCC was at launch
  • @15 i meant original games :p however MCC started which thankfully I missed I think its pretty amazing now. Thats what we need for infinate. Hopefully the incompetent managment at 343 are being replaced as we speak.
  • No true exclusives, since all are going to release on PC at launch, and now they can't even get THE microsoft game series to launch on time? Rip Series X
  • Wow, there's a lot of unnecessary doom and gloom regarding a delay that was needed. I'm still excited for Series X and for Halo Infinite. I don't think the delay would've been required at all if it wasn't for COVID causing this awkward working situation. I feel a big part of the delay stems from Ray Tracing originally not launching with the game, which kinda defeats the purpose of even having it release on Series X in a way. You don't tout all these amazing new features of the next gen console and then have a flagship title effectively not check all of them off only to include them later in an update. It needs to ship with all the features in tow and not with an asterisk and a "coming soon".
  • Oh well people are Influenced by Corona, It’s easy to see doom everywhere these days. Paired with pro-active sensationalism it’s clear that everyone is wielding their condolences around. The series X will still be the best machine for multiplats you can get this fall. Halo infinite’s delay wont change that.
  • They just need more time to make an Craig Easter-Egg.
  • @10 What a thing to say. @17 You have a real bee in your bonnet about MS games also being on PC, and for the life of me I still can't figure out why. I think @1 said it right, both the best and worst move they cod have made. It's going to be a slow launch for the Series X. They ened to really lean in to this as a major tech upgrade / refresh for everything you already own / is on Gamepass rather than trying to tout it was a traditional generational leap (despite that technologically being the case).
  • @Comment #9 by Gonin The problem is the PlayStation 5 will have major launch exclusive. People saying that XBOX will lose sales to the competitor isn't important because console makers don't make money selling consoles and they take a loss on each console. Where they make their money is through software and that's why XBOX/MICROSOFT is putting their all into Game Pass and Xcloud.
  • Couldn't care less. Loved Halo 1-3 but afterwards it's gone downhill
  • @21 I don't get it either. When talking about exclusives, it's always been about console vs console, not console vs pc. Who cares if a game is also coming out on PC, that only affects the small proportion of players who play on both. I play on console cause I like the simplicity of just install and play, no need to go into the settings beyond volume, subtitles and maybe controls [possibly colourblind settings if it's bad.] Others play on PC cause they like to control every last setting and play on crazy performance settings on multi-thousand pound rigs. Most people either play on console, OR on PC. A game coming out on either isn't going to sway them to jump ship, so why not just release on both?
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