GTA IV Updated to 1500 Points

Dan Webb

GTA IV was updated to 1500 points today with 10 new achievements added, worth 250 points total. The new achievements are obviously for the upcoming GTA IV expansion pack, The Ballad of Gay Tony and will have you winning the fight club tournament, dancing your socks off, playing golf, base jumping and more. The achievements are as follows:

TBoGT: Gone Down - 5
Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Diamonds Forever
- 5
Complete the Trinity. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Four Play - 10
Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Bear Fight
- 15
Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Catch the Bus
- 15
Dance perfectly in both Tony's nightclubs. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Snow Queen -
Complete 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie -
Freefall for the longest possible time. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Maestro
- 30
Finish the Ballad. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope
- 45
Score 80% or above in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star
- 80
Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

[Thanks to mel0nn for the heads up]

The full GTA IV list can be found here.

  • Awesome stuff, glad to see these up.
  • this could be fun, we will see if I get the expansion or not!
  • Can't wait to check this DLC out.... not 100% sure about the cheevo's though
  • Score 100% in Missions? maybe repeatable
  • sounds like San Andreas achievements! I LOVE IT
  • Looks like better achievements than GTA:LATD. Very excited for this. Base Jumping! Yea
  • maby i pick it up.
  • 100% percent in all missions sounds like a struggle, but the rest look relatively simple. Pretty happy with that base jumper addition.
  • as long as they don't do something stupid like they did in lost and damned ill be fine. I hated the fact that there were no choppers in L&D free play.
  • Playing golf? dang.
  • I'm glad to see there aren't as easy as Lost and Damned's were. Looks like you actually have to put some effort forward.
  • Can't wait to pick up the retail edition with TLaD
  • Shite list, wish they didnt bother with this shit. I'll get the disc version but doubt ill play it. GTA proper sucks balls these days!
  • #13...why bother getting the disc version when you won't play it? You've already got TLaD so it seems you just like to waste money on things you don't like
  • Actually I take back the 2nd part of my comment. With a gamer score like yours I think its safe to say you don't pay for your games
  • Damn... my already shitty score in the game is going to be even shittier now!!
  • Wonder what that score 100% in all missions means :P maybe need a guide for it
  • Wow I totally forgot this comes out at the end of the month. Can't wait! Day 1 download for me.
  • Now here is the dilemma. after i finished the lost and damned i sold gta4. so do i buy a 2nd hand gta4 then buy gay Tony dlc for 1600 points? or just but the liberty city stories disc? i think its gonna have to be a 2nd hand gta then get the dlc.
  • @#15 Wow so anyone with a gamerscore over 100,00 is automatically playing pirate games? How the f@#k do you work that one out? I've never played a pirate game on my 360 but I suppose by your rules I must have done? IDIOT!
  • @20 you would say that seeing your gamerscore is over 100k. you obviously play pirates with a score like that.LMAOOO
  • #20 Well would YOU spend money on Skii Doo Challenge? I've never even seen it to rent
  • And I wasn't saying anyone. I was saying him. He's the one who said he is gonna get the disc but not play it. Most people don't pay for games they won't play...
  • I don't think I like the last two achievements so much... Sounds like the game is rating us on our performance now? Ah, at least it will be a fun time regardless, unlike terrible games that slap you in the face further by giving you a C rating after you finish one of it's crappy levels *glares at Sonic the Hedgehog*
  • @#21 Yes that was the point I was making brainbox! Acording to Wade anyone with a big gamerscore plays pirate games which is really stupid to link the two. I've been on Live for over 3 years and played around 230 games - either bought, rented or borrowed, so where do pirate games come into that?
  • Much better achievements than TLAND IMO :). Now I just need these and Level 10 online and I'll be done with GTA for good :D.
  • @20 Whats wrong with pirate games? Sail the seven seas, plunder and pillage;p Nah, i know what you mean, and that other guy was pretty out of order tbh. Maaaaay get this... or buy San andreas for 400 points less;p
  • These look like very interesting achievements. Looking forward to the GTA DLC.
  • Weejok answer a simple question...would you buy a game that you weren't going to play?
  • Looks realativly easy...i'll be renting both dlc's went they come me money as I rarly play this game now!
  • Already got 1600 MSP reserved for BoGT on my account.. So yeah now just wait for the release :D
  • @#29 I admit it's a stupid thing to say but some people do have more money than sense. I just don't see how you can say someone playing copied games and use their gamerscore as proof of this? I spend a lot of money on my gaming and wouldn't like anyone to accuse me of this because my scores over a cetain amount.
  • San Andreas is one classic game. I have the GTA The Trilogy. Seen it sell for 330, I picked mine up for £9 :) GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas. Retro Fun :)
  • I wasn't saying that anyone with a score over a certain amount playes copied games. If I actually got 1000 on most of the games I played i'd be getting close to 100k. I was only accusing him based not just on his score but the kind of games and the fact he said he would get the disc but not play it. If i'm wrong then i'm wrong and i'd only have to apologise to him, not you or anyone else since it wasnt a generalisation
  • intesting
  • awesome! i hope that maybe they can finally bring the activities from the single player (i.e. pool, darts, strip club trips, etc) to online...that would be sick. nice list tho
  • yes!!! theres more than 5 achievements for once lol!, they look fun and not so easy, i already got the ms points for this, cant wait!!
  • That looks like a ton of content. Rockstar has somehow outdone the Lost and the Damned.
  • You know people with high scores tend to rent games. There are things like gamefly you know. He could get the game sent to him and not play it. : Anyway not a bad list this will go on my swapgame list (gamefly is not in UK). :)
  • Good things come to whom who wait! Im getting the GOTY edition when it comes out. Its only £34.95 with the lost and damned and the ballad of gay tony. OOH YEAH!
  • cant wait for this, will be the perfect time killer till MW2
  • Freefall for the longest possible time.. does that mean just freefall to your death? Or do a certain distance while still surviving?
  • Should be a good set as long at the 100% one doesn't have really stupid conditions.
  • I think the fact that he said he would get the disc would negate the theory of him being a "pirate"! I tried Ski Doo out from GameFly (so it is rentable), but it was glitched beyond belief and I gave up on it...kind of like another p.o.s. game on my card...warning, do not, under any circumstances, play BCFX!
  • Freefall the longest time? So basically reach the height limit, jump out, and either land or splatter? Pffft.
  • This DLC will tell those GTA IV haters to stfu now =-P
  • Ski Doo isn't rentable in the UK which is where both me and him are from. As far as I can see, the game wasn't even released in the UK
  • Ooh. I thoght they were going to be like TLAD achievements. Some sound hard, hope someone makes a guide for these when it comes out.
  • @13, why the hell would you buy the disc if you know that you wont play it? 100% on all missions could be tricky, so long as there is a simply replay option if you screw up i'll be happy.
  • Just let go of the pirated games topic already.. geez.. This is an achievements based website, users tend to have high scores. It's stupid if you accuse any person with a score over 100,000 of playing pirated games, seeing as you'd be talking to surely 60-70% of the community here.
  • @34 NICE, I paid £10 for San Andreas alone but even that was well worth it. Thinking about picking up Vice City (uber classic). Won't be getting this DLC any time soon though. Plenty of other stuff that takes priority.
  • #42 You can't wait 12 days?
  • Darn, I wish I had waited for the Epilogue. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret buying it but I do wish I had waited for a bargain price. The content just didn't feel right, I beat it though. Something just seemed like it was missing, not to mention it was a little too stressful to fully enjoy.
  • @ Idiot boy - How can you pirate TLAD? I paid for that you dickhead and im going to send you a picture on live of my ltd ed GTA IV. Dont accuse people of shit you dont understand. I will buy it and probably play it once. Why? Because i can, then trade it in. I hate having a shit % completion so im working on it. GTA is pure shite imo but i started so i gotta finish it, btw you are retarded ;)
  • BTW doubt means i might and might not. I will but i wont like it, least with disc versions you can sell them like FAllout 3 i have the DLC but not the discs as i returned them to Blockbuster.
  • wow nice achievements :D but i will never get 1500/1500 on this game, beacuse the stupid MP Achivements :(
  • Cannot wait for this, looking at my points right now!
  • cool! another 250 possible gs. cant wait for this one. the chievo list is interesting. aparently your character gets to dance. the last two seem like they might have a wrong description tho. it could be that the 80 and 100 percent chievo are for mission progression. (as far as completing missions). or it could be that you have to repeat the missions to 100 percent complete them. as far as a grading system goes...that seems unlikely but could be what it is. i just hope this dlc is longer (and has a better ending) that the LaD. i will probly be playing this in november along with trying to get all the chievos while everyone else is playing MW2, AC2 and L4D2. :)
  • Looks like some good achievements! I'm excited! :)
  • Good, hard achievements, and golf!
  • So with the disc edition, will it just be 500 points or 1000 gs?
  • To the person talking about high gamerscore and pirated games. Have you heard of Gamefly dumbass? And buying things you don't play. Hey I do it all the time. I bought Devil May Cry 4 & Lost Odyssey on first day of release and have yet to start DMC over a year later & only started LO not too long ago. Many other games I buy I don't end up starting until much later. It's just that things come up or other games come out that people want me to play with them and the older games get pushed aside until I am ready or have time for them. On topic, these achievements look much harder than last DLC. Thank god they added the ability to replay any mission like a level select! Also after you beat every mission it gives you a stat screen with all sorts of stats from the mission. 100% each one will
  • be hard.
  • Sweet fun and challenging achievements. Hit the flag with a golf ball 4 times lol.
  • looks way better than the lost and damned achievements
  • So the things they added are parachutes, golf, fight clubs, dancing, rebranded the gang wars from TLAD to drug wars, a few more guns, and a handful of new vehicles? Not worth 1600. Not buying this.
  • Can't wait for this...Got back into gta4 to get some more chievos...only have some online ones left, but probably won't get into those...Can't wait to base jump again!!
  • Well worth 1600 I can't wait.
  • GTA IV was a pretty great game but I think that these extra episodes have turned out to be even better than the main story. I'm excited for this expansion and the achievements look fun as hell.
  • @68 you forgot to include the Single player campaign(i'd say at least 4 hours of gameplay) along with the things you mentioned, and probably some new MP modes. All this for 1600 pts? sounds good, but you can also go rent the disc version to if that still isn't cheap enough for you. I also think Rockstar hasn't shown or told us about everything new. At least get all the facts and info on something before you close your mind to it.
  • Yyay, nice! Now I dont have to be bored while waiting for AC II, MW 2
  • Good list and im really looking forward to the game. Getting the disk version which should clear some space on my hard drive. Single player should be about 10 hours long on a speed run but never see the point in doing that on a game like this!
  • Those saying having 100k + score means you pirate games.....none of you heard about rental services? o.0 Not saying some don't but really, think about what your saying.
  • I'm confused.... since when did we get rated for our missions? Anyways I'm pumped for it.
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