Pacer Gameplay - 12 Minutes of the WipEout Game Thats Not Called WipEout

Pacer Gameplay - 12 Minutes of the WipEout Game That's Not Called WipEout

Richard Walker

In the mid-90s, WipEout was a defining game for the original PlayStation, cementing the console's foothold in popular culture, while heralding the arrival of video games as a pastime no longer confined to massive nerds like us. WipEout was genuinely cool, which is why we can't help but wonder why there hasn't been a completely new one in recent years (2017's WipEout Omega Collection doesn't count).

Enter Pacer to not only fill the void left by WipEout, but also bring that specific style of futuristic racer to Xbox One and PC, complete with graphic design by the Designer's Republic -- the outfit that managed to give WipEout a unique identity -- and a soundtrack from WipEout stalwarts CoLD SToRAGE. If you haven't cottoned on by now, Pacer is a lot like WipEout. A. LOT.

Recently presented with the opportunity to play a PC build of Pacer, we jumped at the chance, tearing through a few of the game's tracks, picking up weapons to eliminate the competition, while striving to master the air brakes on those tight, serpentine curves. You can check out how we got on in the gameplay video below, while taking a peek at the game's customisation, loadouts, and more besides.

Pacer is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 17th September.

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