The Brink Mega Interview Recap, Episode 1-4

Dan Webb

Were you perhaps on holiday last week? Living under a rock? Whoring out points on Halo 3: ODST that you missed everything that was going on in the world? Well this is for you and for those that missed any of the Brink mega interview episodes.

Thanks to my unique and extensive copy and pasting skills, we can now bring you all 4 of Brink mega interview episodes with Creative Director, Richard Ham, all under one roof so you've got no excuse for missing an episode now. Plus it makes my life easier when slapping it into the flashbox. It's true what they say you know, all actions are selfish, but at least you get some enjoyment out of my selfish actions, so I'm calling them altruistic. I can do that you know.

  • Might be worth a look-see. :)
  • This was a great interview. It really raised my expectations on Brink, and I will surely be playing it when it comes out.
  • Superb intervieuw! didn't care about BRINK until i saw these vid's. glad to see a creative director being so inspired by his own game!
  • I found myself not liking him when I ready a few of his quotes out of context, but he really does know what he's talking about, and I've got a newfound interest in a multiplayer game. Great interview.
  • Is it just me or does he look like a a slightly older Steve Carrel? (sp?) And Its good to see someone designing a game that likes achievements. Bad achievements can ruin a game for me.
  • I had zero interest in Brink, didn't even know what it was, but then I started hearing bits and pieces on Kotaku from the development team. Hearing these guys talk was enough to sell me a copy of the game before I even had a solid idea of what the game was. When they talk about game features they don't just say 'you can do this, you can do that', they also explain why they chose to include the feature and how it impacts the overall game. To me it creates a strong sense that they haven't compromised. They've done what they wanted to do. A lot of games with grand designs (ie, Force Unleashed) can't talk about things in this much detail or with this much enthusiasm at this stage because they've had to concede some things. They can't really go into great detail about how you can interact wit
  • He certainly is excited about the game. Kind of makes me excited about it, too, even though I rarely ever play multiplayer games due to a crappy connection. Like a lot of people, I hadn't really heard of this game before but it sounds very good.
  • MY god.. that guy is a legend, why cant all developers be that honest, generaly interesting and funny
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