Gotham Knights Confirmed For 2021 Release, Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl To Feature

Gotham Knights Confirmed For 2021 Release, Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl To Feature

Richard Walker

WB Games Montreal has at long last lifted the lid on Gotham Knights, the latest entry in Warner Bros.' Batman series that apparently sees Batman going into retirement (since he's supposed to be officially dead) to make way for a new group of Gotham protectors. Among them is Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood, in a solo or 2-player co-op affair.

While this appears to belong to the same universe as the Arkham series, it looks a lot more colourful than the other titles released to date, as the 'Batman Family' serve as successor to the Dark Knight, despite Bruce Wayne actually being very much alive. Oh, and the Court of Owls is in the mix, too, as expected, alongside villains like Mr. Freeze.

Together, the eponymous Gotham Knights must bring hope to the citizens of the crime-ridden city, and fear to its cadre of criminals. Check out Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood in action in the first official Gotham Knights trailer and gameplay walkthrough below.

Gotham Knights is scheduled to launch sometime in 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

  • Never been more disappointed by a trailer than this. No Batman, coop and probably gonna be a live service game.
  • @1 I don't recall seeing Co-Op in the trailer? Unless I missed it, I did see Coop moves, but those were in the Arkham games. So is this a follow on from Arkham Knight with Bats being "dead"? But no mention of Rocksteady in the trailer, it seems WB driven like Origins. Regardless count me in, will miss Batman but the Arkham series is amazing.
  • Yep, very disappointed! As soon as I saw 4 heroes, and then the message "Robin joined", I realised that my hope of it being a solo affair were done for. Listening to the livestream afterwards, it sounded as if they might be looking to add in further heroes, which does tend to suggest it being a live service game. I'm not going to dismiss this out of hand just yet, but it doesn't sound like what I'm looking for. Much like the new Avengers game, this may well turn into a hard pass. I'm just waiting now to hear about some PlayStation exclusive character to seal its fate for me...
  • @2, in the livestream after the reveal, they said it was a co-op game....
  • If they were "retiring" Batman they should of went for a Batman beyond game.
  • @1 So you're disappointed in this trailer because of the following: 1. Batman's not in it (if it was following on from Arkham Knight then this was going to obvious, plus the game does not even have Batman in the title.) 2. It has co-op (which is entirely optional, you can play through it alone if you wish. If you don't see the appeal in two friends playing a Gotham game together I don't know what to say). 3. It's probably a live service game (it may end up being that, it might not. The use of probably means you don't know so how about we wait and see?)
  • @6 It's a news thread my friend, it's hip to be negative about anything. Folks are just frustrated in general and I think it comes out in their comments. I'd just ignore the negative. I think a co-op Batman style game sounds fun. We need more co-op games. There are plenty of single-player-only games for the friendless. Options in games are great.
  • The world premiere trailer didn't do much for me, and the thought of Co-Op is a little worrying but after watching the gameplay trailer, I feel confident it will turn out okay. Think I'm happy they're keeping Co-Op at 2 players and not 4. Don't really like Batgirl's voice acting. Please don't be a 'game as a service' game.
  • Yeh. Very big pass for me.
  • I feel this is wolfenstein youngblood re-skinned.
  • @6 since many including myself were expecting a new Batman game it’s very disappointing not to the play as Batman. And usually coop games suck to play them single player. So yes it Was disappointing to me personally. If you love it then good for you.
  • @6 I'm disappointed because it's not really another batman game. More often than not, in my experience, games that have co-op, are worse to play solo, because generally, they are set up to play in co-op. That is how the Developers want you to play the game, and so that is how the game performs best. Also, much of the appeal of the original games for me was solving the problems, hunting down all of the Ridler trophies. Spending 30 minutes trying to get the batarang to curve round a corner in a tight space in order to get that last Ridler trophy. Can you really imagine doing that in a co-op game? Would you want to spend 30 minutes waiting for your partner to do it? A lot of the fun of the original games was the exploration and the discovery, and as I play a lot of co-op games too, I know that that kind of thing tends to be rushed. I'm sure the fighting will be fun in this new game, it's everything else that I think will suffer.
  • Yep coop ruins another game, as others have mentioned above these types of games are geared towards multiple people playing so the single player aspect is not what it should be. Rip good batman games.
  • Unlike most people, I thought this looked fuckin' great. These were traits that I think work together well, because it's something I would have liked in Arkham Knight: Good representation of other characters, and being able to control them in a way that feels more competent and less computer-y. Bring the perspective of a second player, let them all play different. Limited to 2 player co-op, this means they can create specific scenarios that tailor to each type of gameplay. I didn't see anything in this that screamed 'god this is terrible to me'. It looked fuckin' fun. The motorcycles looked cool. Robin's teleport powers? Rad. Sure, they added a leveling system, but like ... so? Give people the control over their characters so they can specialize. I adore it.
  • I'm unsure why people are thinking this is a co-op only game, yeah co-op might be available but it looks like those dual scenes with Batman, robin/Nightwing from Arkham Knight. Plus, this isn't an Arkham game either, evidenced by the name. If it was part of the same series, it would be called Arkham Knights.
  • Watched the gameplay video and even I'm more interested. My buddy already called dibs on Nightwing. I've played plenty of Batman games and still have Knight and Origins to finish if I want more Batman. It's great to see more co-op games coming out.
  • To the people bitching that it's coop. This game isn't made for you. It's for the people that want to go around Gotham with friends kicking bad guy arses. This isn't the next Arkham game, not even made by the same people. Maybe bitch over suicide squad, although I'm sure you already have...
  • @17, Man! You are one seriously angry individual, aren't you? No-one here is 'bitching', people are just expressing their opinions. That's why there is a comments section, after all. So you want to play it in co-op, good for you, but that doesn't mean that those of us that wish to play the game solo cannot be disappointed when upon release of the livestream, no mention of single-layer was made. In light of the expressed disappointment, the Developers have now said the game is also entirely playable in single-player. Does this mean that the game is no longer for you now? No, it just means there are options. So try to calm down, curtail and moderate your language, and understand that yours is not the only valid opinion.
  • No thanks. Nothing appealing. No Batman...No Dice.
  • I for one am looking forward to getting this. I've been hoping for Arkham Knight to go 4k but I guess this'll be a better substitute. Like others those, I'm unnerved about the coop side, which I'd rather not see. Sure they say you can play it solo but I bet they'll include achievements that can only be done in coop. WB Games Montreal: If your reading this please make all achievements doable solo :)
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