Red Faction: Guerrilla MP Update Dropping Tomorrow

Dan Webb

Those cheeky chappies over at Volition have just posted on their Red Faction: Guerrilla blog that there will be a multiplayer update dropping tomorrow that will look to fix and balance a few multiplayer issues. The following will be addressed tomorrow with a patch:

"From our observations and internal playtests, we're making the following changes in order to tweak MP a little bit, and to also remove some of the more experimental playlists."

1. Disabling the following playlists:

  • Bagman
  • Large Team Mixer
  • Big Boomers
  • MLG Playlist

2. Adding Bagman and Capture The Flag modes to the Partial Recall playlist (Only viewable to those with the Multiplayer DLC Pack).

3. Adding DLC levels to Anarchy, Team Anarchy, and Team Objective playlists.

4. Team Bagman will now have non-DLC maps available in Matchmaking, but the DLC maps will maintain a higher priority.

5. Balance adjustments:

  • Rail Driver will now have 12 max ammo instead of 24.
  • Sniper Rifle will now have 8 max ammo instead of 12.
  • Proximity Mines will now have 2 max ammo instead of 4.
  • Heal Backpack will take longer to recharge.
  • Vision Backpack will take longer to recharge and use fuel faster.
  • Stealth Backpack will now use fuel faster.
  • Firepower Backpack will now take longer to recharge.

[Via Red Faction Blog]

  • it sounds like there just making it harder
  • Shame, these updates would make most backpacks kinda not worth picking up.
  • i used to love this game now its shit
  • @4 the update hasn't even taken effect yet, don't bitch till you try it.
  • Funny, I thought you were supposed to test this stuff "before" it came out. I used to be a fan, and yes I said it "USED" to be.
  • Sounds like yall afraid of a challenge to me.
  • I just sold this game, got bored. It was great, but the backpack updates seem silly. None of the backpacks there had a real problem, except the firepower one. Changing the firepower one can only be good, but the others, well stealth for instance will screw people over because it didn't last THAT long and people who instinctively knew when it would run out will now have to disregard their instincts which can be annoying...
  • I'll take you to that bet, #7.
  • Damn that's alot of nerfage.
  • @7 thank god no one asked you then, cause youd be wrong.
  • I wish they would fix Gears of War 2 MP.
  • ITs because of all the users whining on the official forums. Gah! The game was fine how it was. Some people should just learn to deal with it. If its in the game, you can use it too.
  • So, basically they're just downgrading everything? Sounds pointless to me...
  • Wow how fucking gay. It was perfect the way it was. Don't downgrade the backpacks and weapons because some idiots bitch about getting raped in multiplayer. Goddamn it this was like the only game that didn't have any broken multiplayer. Well they can say goodbye to that status. >:(
  • About time they fixed the heal backpack, it was the only one that was over powered imo.
  • :/ I played like 60hours of MP and I think this is stupid....
  • and peoples posts about making it "harder" and a "challenge" are stupid how is it a challenge or harder if there taking it away from EVERYONE?
  • lol. this game was handicapped out the ass. i'd consider that to be broken multiplayer.
  • what they are not bringin back damage control as a single playlist option??? the reason I stopped playing this is because i didnt want to sit through CTF and other crappy playlist just to play one game of damage control
  • Still no Achievements then, what a waste!
  • I hear ya @20 No point in making changes like this so late, if people stopped playing because they didnt like it originally they arent coming back now. Everyone gets used to playing a game then they bring out a 'fix' which unbalances everything else. If it aint broke dont fix. If it is, fix it quicker!!!
  • @12 THANK GOD SOMEONE AGREES I stopped playing it because of hackers/lag switchers and how unbalanced all the weapons are. Chainsaw/lancer bulets=useless shotgun=range and power of sniper rifle i hate the shotgun overuse
  • LOL @ this update, just removing some playlists and making the weapons and backpacks worse. Nice job Volition, didn't feel like fixing the team balancing that stacks all the high ranking players against the low ranking players?? Obviously not ¬_¬
  • Aw, it sounds like they're making it worse...
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