Gotham Knights is Not a Games-as-a-Service Title, Won't Be Always Online

Gotham Knights is Not a Games-as-a-Service Title, Won't Be Always Online

Matt Lorrigan

WB Montreal has confirmed that Gotham Knights won't be a games-as-a-service title in an extensive interview with Gamespot.

With Gotham Knights moving away from the classic Arkham formulae and moving into co-op, there has been some confusion as to what sort of game it will be, with WB Montreal even having to clarify that the game didn't take place in the Arkham timeline. Gamespot said that some people are using Destiny as a point of reference, and asked the developer to explain what type of game Gotham Knights is in their own terms.

"It's pretty simple. It's a third-person, open world action RPG," explained Senior Producer Fleur Marty. "And I mean, that kind of sums it up. The whole game is fully playable solo. You can play on your own offline if you want to. There is no always online. And on top of that, if you want to experience that with a co-op partner in a very seamless drop in, drop out way, you can do so. And so there are no game as a service elements designed into the game. Yeah, that's pretty much it."

That's a good response, and with rumours circulating that Rocksteady's Suicide Squad is indeed a Destiny and Avengers-style live game, it's good to hear that Gotham Knights will be a more traditional title, despite the addition of optional co-op.

The interview covers a lot of other topics as well. The developers denied that Batman's death is a ruse, insisting he is "dead dead" and never playable, although they wouldn't exactly give away a twist like that pre-release anyway would they? There are some cool details, such as how your choice of playable hero will affect interactions with villains and characters based on their in-universe history, and how they were able to work with comic writers such as Scott Snyder when looking to include The Court of Owls as a major villainous force in the game.

It's an interesting interview, and I recommend giving it a read over on Gamespot if you've got any interest in the game. Gotham Knights arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC in 2021.

  • Very good to hear!
  • Already giving contradicting interviews is a tad worrying. They said the opposite when interviewed at dc fandome
  • The gameplay looks great! Looking forward to this one!!
  • They also talked about how there will be absolutely no level-gating or grinding. I wanna wait til release and see if their promises are true or if they pull a No Man's Sky on us, but right now I'm pretty excited.
  • Great news. Shaping up to be a fun single or co-op game. Yet I'm sure some will still find a way to twist the words into a negative somehow. That's fine rough times, hard to see the positive for some. My co-op gamer buddy and I are excited and already calling dibs on characters we want to play.
  • wb montreal, thank you for that official confirmation, especially this early on in its announcement. from now to release, anyone who thinks it IS a games as a service or itll always be online can reference this article (or just google) to disprove that theory. seriously, i wouldnt be surprised if MANY thought this game was going to be in the same canon as the arkham games after they announced this simultaneously to rocksteady's suicide squad. also, arkham origins is still considered canon despite many forgetting about that game. i personally see this as a good thing so extra thank you from me.
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