September's Games with Gold Include The Division and de Blob 2

September's Games with Gold Include The Division and de Blob 2

Richard Walker

It's almost September, which means it's nearly time for another batch of Games with Gold. Next month will be bringing with it online shooter action with Tom Clancy's The Division and The Book of Unwritten Rules 2 on Xbox One, as well as the usual brace of back compat Xbox/Xbox 360 titles.

That means you can take to the streets of virus-ridden New York (bit close to home, that) and take down roving gangs as a Division Agent, the engage in a spot of point-and-click adventure with a cast of weird and wonderful characters, and a story that spoofs many a fantasy genre trope.

For Xbox 360, de Blob 2 is your pick for the first half of September, offering colourful, paint-splattering platforming across 12 single-player levels, with multiplayer support, and "epic boss battles". Original Xbox classic Armed and Dangerous is September's second back compat titles, in which you play as a band of rebels striving to save the world. Check out what's in store via Games with Gold next month.

Games with Gold: September 2020

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Meanwhile Playstation gets PUBG and Streer Fighter 5. I'm usually the first to say a free game is better than none but Microsoft do seem be be flagging on the gwg offerings
  • they should just give up on this and just focus on gamepass
  • @1 PUBG is old and dying and on Game Pass as far as I know - SF5 is the base vanilla version. GwG has gone to shit tho.
  • All these games look interesting and worth checking out. Little something for everyone. Not a bad lineup for September. Hope we get something horror-themed in October though.
  • The book of unwritten tales is not a bad game. It has some beautifull backgrounds and music. Also some good jokes. Worth a play if you like point and click games.
  • A lot where expecting FH3 as Forza MS 5 and 6 and FH2 went to GwG in past years. Played Book of.... on gamepass a while ago and its worth playing
  • I LOVE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Fuck I miss that game, think I still have my physcial copy somewhere around here.
  • Armed and Dangerous is a masterpiece and anyone who hasn't played it should. I know, no achievements. I'll admit that's usually a deal breaker for me. However, it's a fun short whacky ride that's well worth it if you just wanna dive into something.
  • 2nd paragrah makes little to no sense, it makes like the division is point and click, and should "the" be "then"?
  • I was hoping for the division 2
  • #7 have it spot on. Armed And Dangerous is one of the most critically overlooked gems of its time. You get a gun that shoots sharks. And an Undead Roman Legionnaire who really likes tea. What more could you need?
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