Xbox Free Play Days Includes Outward and Star Wars Battlefront II

Xbox Free Play Days Includes Outward and Star Wars Battlefront II

Richard Walker

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for another round of Xbox Free Play Days. For what feels like the umpteenth time, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the trio of Free Play Days titles you can download and enjoy as part of your Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Alternatively, you can voyage to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars Battlefront II, with its on the ground assault and starfighter dogfighting. Or, if you prefer, you could check out the open-world RPG delights of Outward, in which you'll not only battle monsters, but contend with the environmental hazards of Aurai.

You can find and install the latest Free Play Days games here, all of which are available to play from today until 30th August at 11:59pm PDT. There are discounts on all three for a limited-time, too, (until 31st August for Star Wars Battlefront II), so you can buy the game and continue playing, preserving your progress and Gamerscore.

Free Play Days: 27th August - 30th August

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • And I JUST bought Outward. Still, I wanted it, so they made the sale nonetheless.
  • @1 Yeah, would have made sense to give people a taste with a Free Play Day before it goes on sale. I also picked it up, but haven't got to it yet.
  • @1 and @2, If you notice, this is sometimes a typical pattern. A game that ends up on GWG will typically run in a string of sales before hitting GWG. This isn't a fool proof theory, but I've caught this a few times where I skipped on buying a game in some sales to see it end up on GWG. But I've also been on the receiving end twice where I bought a game ran in sales to have it in GWG the next month. It's almost as if they're trying to bank as much money as they can before giving it up for free, but again, there's no actual fool-proof way of proving this theory.
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